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Feature Request: Searchkit - new display format for representing diagrams

SearchKit and Formbuilder are impressively good at linking data from different entities and displaying them together. However, the display is so far limited to the view as table, list or grid. How ...
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Pie Chart in contribution report showing the total in last bar

The pie chart on contribution report summary shows the amount of contributions of each months but adds the grand total of all contributions on the last month. Strange. Is there a mean to avoid this ? ...
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Create a report or graph of the number of campaigns active in any particular month

In Civi + Drupal latest, we have a number of campaigns that last for a year or more. We know their start and end dates, but don't particularly want to manually change their status to show whether they ...
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CiviReport's and CiviContribute Charts not displaying

We are using civi 5.3 on Wordpress 4.9. Using CiviReports or CiviContribute, I am selecting Charts, and clicking the view button. The chart is not loading. I saw the other answers suggesting that I ...
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Charts using data from CiviCRM to show on Drupal website

Is it possible for a chart to be created from data on the CiviCRM side and show on the website (drupal) portion? For example, we would like to have a graph that live updates how much of our grant has ...
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CiviContribute Dashboard Chart Layout does not display

CiviContribute dashboard does not show chart_layout. Tested on Civi Demo as well as several installations. is there a configuration requirement? See image
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