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Setting a contact to "deceased" cause the contact to lose its subtype

Drupal 7 with CiviCRM 5.68. Setting a contact to "deceased" cause that the contact lose the subtype, and all the custom fields, which are visible / filled (because the contact had a subtype)....
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On drupal I have installed civicrm module.I want to show civicrm contact on drupal view.I have created a view for it, but it is not displaying contact

on drupal, I have installed CiviCRM, view module. I want to display a CiviCRM contact on drupal view. for that, I have created a view for CiviCRM contact, but on view, it is not showing CiviCRM ...
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Create wp account contact type organization in civicrm

I'am using user registration processor to create a wp account which is connected to civicrm but the processor create contact type person by default. In my case i want to create contact type ...
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WordPress: Creating new WP Users from CiViCRM Contacts

My situation is I have an Individual database of 11,344 Contacts in Drupal Civi, and I want to turn them all into WP Users. I know I can convert Users into Contacts, but I want to do it the other way ...
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civicrm " Sorry but we are not able to provide this at the moment. " joomla

Facing an issue in civicrm contact for a particular contact. As in events that contact has near about 60 events which he/she participated in but when i view that contact it shows the count of events ...
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Delete contacts from group

I'm tried to delete contacts group (basically entire contacts from the particular group), getting Gateway timed out error and only few contacts are getting deleted. So I'm planning to delete ...
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2 answers

DB Error: unknown error - [debug_info] => INSERT INTO civicrm_contact

it's fresh install of CiviCrm into my Joomla, run with UniserverZ (assume all Apps are in latest version) When I clicked CiviCRM, in Components, there was a DB Error: unknown error In the joomla/...
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Fixing null sort and display names

In one of the systems we support there are some contacts with NULL display and sort names. This means they don't show up in searches. How do we fix these?
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Testing new site (not secure yet); using Search/Contact switches to secure url

Working on a new install (haven't installed CA certified SSL yet), I can browse to http://example...admin...event search ( search participants) or 'advanced search', or 'manage events', or seemingly ...
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