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Event Report with amount paid and balance owing by participant

CiviCRM 5.55.0 Wordpress Trying to pull a report (export output preferred) to provide a list of registered participants that includes the total amount owing, total paid, and fee level. I have ...
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Stripe payment bancontact

I tried to configure stripe as payment processor for my events in civicrm. But I can only see the credit card option... Actually, credit cards, are the only option I can see. Other payment methods ...
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Stripe Payment Error in Event registration for multiple participants: "Property 'paymentIntentID' has not been set"

I am finding an error in Event registrations for multiple participants. The Stripe Payment Processor is raising the following error: [error] Attempted to create paymentIntent from paymentMethod during ...
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Question on Email Link sent to waitlisted participant

We had an event where we turned on the waitlisting feature and emails with the registration link were sent out to the correct participant when his participant status changed to "pending from ...
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Have any organisations or developers explored or currently working on a Hopin extension?

Our organisation is currently using Hopin to host events. I've searched whether there is an extension but haven't come across anything yet. I would welcome to hear from anyone that has used this with ...
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Cannot delete the event issue

When delete an event, I got bellow issue. Is there anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks so much! We can't load the requested web page. This page requires cookies to be enabled in your browser settings. ...
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Using a profile with custom fields for event online registration

new to CiviCRM. Have set up a profile that I would like to use for online event registration. It looks very ugly and I was wondering if there was a way to make it look better? I'm using a mixture ...
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What is the best way to collect and store event feedbacks?

I am looking for a solution where I could collect feedback with an automated email after the event. I figured, I could use schedule reminder for the emailing part. But stuck with the step of ...
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Beta 29-beta1 - Anyone see a problem where creating an event, after the first page settings it hangs on trying to get to any other tab?

Subject says it all. Has anyone ever seen this on the Beta (or any other version)?
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CKEditor is not working while editing CiviCRM

While I am trying to add/edit the CiviCRM events, instead of CKEditor, the default textarea is displaying and also the HTML tags are display. But the CKEditor is working as expected for the Drupal ...
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Is there a fix? CiviCRM upgrade to 5.23.0 breaks payment processor

On a Joomla! 3.9.15 system, after upgrading from CiviCRM 5.22.0 to 5.23.0 payment processing for fails for both paypal (credit card) and pay later options. When either is selected,  the request for ...
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Individual Custom Fields in Participant List (WordPress)

I have a general participant list for a set of events. I need to add an Individual Custom Field, but this field is not accessible in the Event report column selection. Are there any plugins or ...
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civicrm " Sorry but we are not able to provide this at the moment. " joomla

Facing an issue in civicrm contact for a particular contact. As in events that contact has near about 60 events which he/she participated in but when i view that contact it shows the count of events ...
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How to customize description in the event autocomplete in Register New Participant Page dynamically?

I need to add remaining seats available in the description seen in the event autocomplete along with some custom data based on domain,how can I customize it? I was looking into this code below to see ...
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Event Template Start Date

I created an event template years ago, and when I use this template to create a new event, it auto populates the start date with a very old date. If I edit this event template, the start and end dates ...
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All the Bower component icons not displaying

Not sure whether this happened post WP update (to WP 5.2) but now none of the icons under bower_components/jquery_ui/.../images. No paths were changed/updated in System settings. Tooltips still show, ...
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