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How is the en-/decoding of the optOut-URL done ? (algorithm)

is someone there who knows how the en-/decoding of the optOt-URL is implemented ? Example: https://....../crm/civicrm/mailing/optout?reset=1&jid=7&qid=14&h=817b324557dc9cb9 I'd assume that ...
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What do civicrm extension "current usage" statistics indicate?

For example, Mosaico CiviCRM Integration shows "Current Usage: 3749". What does this number represent? I imagine this is the number of live sites reporting that this extension has been in a ...
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Can't make an account on to use with gitlab

I want to log an issue on gitlab and it says to create an account. So I go to and fill in various details but there is nowhere to create a password. The form submits ...
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How to edit extensions git URL in

We are moving the main repository of one of our public extensions. How do we edit the git url in an existing node in ?
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What's the story behind the name 'CiviCRM'?

Last week, we finally deployed CiviCRM in our organisation. Hurray! :-) One of the questions I get from our users, is 'what does the civi in CiviCRM means'? And I have no idea. Does anybody knows ...
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