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CiviMember is a CiviCRM component for tracking and managing memberships. Tag question related to memberships.

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Does Price Set for Memberships also allow for Recurring on a Donation

Goal is that a Membership page will have a Price Set that offers Membership (not auto renew) plus 'other amount' that would have option of being set as recurring. I read
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Migrating IPN's from Ubercart to Civicrm, OR syncing membership payments from Ubercart to membersips/contributions in Civi

This is a copy of this thread from the forum, since the forum is deprecated for answering questions. Similarly to this thread (see the above forum post for the link, I can't post it b/c of stack ...
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How to configure Membership Status Rules so expired members can renew?

My dilemma is not being sure I have set the membership status rules correctly. One enigma is the Start/End event adjustments. An example of explanatory text goes: Optional adjustment period added ...
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Are there any dangers to editing a membership type directly in the database?

We have a membership type that is shared by relationship. However, after the membership type was created, we needed to share it by a new relationship type. I edited the membership type directly in the ...
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How can I integrate (optional) membership sign-up on a CiviEvent registration form?

I'm creating a paid event that has free/discounted tickets for members. The idea is to encourage visitors to become members when signing up for the event. I feel like this is a common usage scenario, ...
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How does WP BuddyPress integrate with CiviCRM Members?

I read from Tim Otten on this stack that "WP BuddyPress is a substantial system which has an upcoming Civi integration." Could someone tell me more about it ? I am on the verge to install BuddyPress ...
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How to change membership type parameters to effect a revised end date

I'm working with an organisation which is changing their membership cycle. Originally the membership type was fixed and annual and we had a start date of April 1. Consequently the vast bulk of the ...
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Does CiviCRM fulfil our charity's requirements?

I work for a very small UK-based homeless charity. We work alongside a similar organisation, and are looking to share information on a cloud based database. I work from home on a Mac, and the other ...
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CiviCRM does not have full functionality support for refunds and partial payments so what is the current way to tackle this type of situation?

I have applied as a GSoC student to work on a project that would provide Refunds and / or Partial Payments functionality for CiviCRM. I am seeking current solution to do this when needed so I can ...
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How can I set the order of membership organisations in dropdown?

I've added multiple membership types. They are related to several organisations. When adding a membership, in the form, I must first choose for which organisation, and then the type of membership, ...
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How should I configure CiviMember so both individuals and organizations can hold memberships?

I've got CiviCRM installed for a non-profit client whose membership base is small organizations (theater ensembles) and individuals. I am now considering that I may have fundamentally engineered this ...
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How to bulk renew membership

We are a trade union with several hundred members paying their dues on a monthly basis. They pay via their bank or through check-off from their employer. We have to keep their contributions and ...
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How can I set up a two part sign up form, where first submit leads to second with more fields?

My client doesn't want to scare potential subscribers off with a long form. Is there a way to capture, and save, the name, email and phone of a subscriber and then redirect this user to a form that ...
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How Can I Attach a PDF Certificate for a Membership Payment?

On Drupal 7.35 / Civi 4.4.14 - is it possible for a membership payment via CiviContribute to e-mail a membership certificate as a PDF as an attachment to a receipt? What we currently do is print ...
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How can I have a paid membership sign up that includes an option for a paid premium version?

Our primary membership sign up is via a dropdown list of options at different prices. Regardless of which option is chosen, we would like to give the sign-up person an option to upgrade (via an ...
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What is the best way to add a contact to existing membership using relationships?

I'm having trouble with adding additional contacts to memberships (CiviMember). The goal is to add spouse, partner, sibling, etc. to an existing membership. The membership type is our own custom type, ...
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How can I import Memberships without e-mail addresses or external IDs?

We are transitioning a small organization to CiviCRM 4.5, with about 2000 total contacts and about 150 memberships. The contacts imported without any problem, but when we went to import the ...
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How do we preprocess CSV columns when using CiviCRM builtin import functionality?

We use CiviCRM's import data functionality (and api-csv-import-gui) to import partner's contributions from CSV files. This is working great because the CSV columns can be mapped to CiviCRM fields via ...
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What's the best way to import memberships and their associated contributions?

I have a load of Memberships to import. Each has a linked Contribution. While I can import Memberships and Contributions separately, I cannot find a way to import the two together - in other words ...
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