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How can I fix broken clickthrough URLs in Mosaico emails?

I've just started in on an issue with a D8 site, currently running Civi 5.25 and Mosaico 2.5. Emails sent using Mosaico with clickthrough tracking contain a mix of correct and incorrect URLs. If I add ...
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Mass mailing Click-Through tracking doesn't include domain in 5.27.3

We sent a mass mailing under 5.27.0 (Wordpress) and the email Click Through links were invalid as noted earlier. They did however include our domain. We upgraded to 5.27.3 and the links are still ...
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Is there a way to generate a click-through report from a Mass SMS?

Unlike How do I prevent CiviSMS from converting my URLs to longer clickthrough-aware URLs?, I'd like to take advantage of clickthrough tracking in mass SMS's. The links in the SMS message are replaced ...
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CiviMail click through links and Browse Site button not working.

We are running Civi 4.7.22 on WordPress 4.8.1. We are having a problem with CiviMail. I have included a link to a MP4 demo video to highlight what is happening. Please watch for what happens when I ...
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CiviMail click through inflation

I investigated our web logs because one of our organizations reported what seemed like strangely inflated click through numbers, including a lot of click throughs reported the very minute the message ...
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Measure open rates for standard emails from Civi, not from Civimail

Is it possible to measure open rates and/or click-throughs from a particular scheduled reminder email? Civimail has well developed functionality for open rates and clickthroughs etc, but we have a ...
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How can I filter click-through reports by date range?

long time user of civicrm. Have 4.7.6 installed on Drupal 7 in a linux environment and I'd like to look at an old email's metrics. I see I pull up specific URL click-through metrics, but it shows me ...
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Is content accessed through a click-through link cacheable by Varnish or similar?

I have a client whose site grinds to a halt every time they send out a mailing because of incoming traffic. We're using Varnish without SSL endpoint termination, so right now, we're not caching those ...
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