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Clickatell 2 way messaging- not receiving inbound sms

I'm reviving our organisations clickatell account was set up years ago, so the api managment is in their developer central platform rather than the main portal I can send SMS's out from Civi And as a ...
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SMS not showing up in the actions menu

I have installed and set up the SMS Clickatell extensions and activated the provider on CiviCRM, but SMS doesn't show up in the actions menu of a contact and the batch SMS isn't working. Do you have ...
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Send QR code via SMS?

Does anyone know whether it is possible to send QR codes to event participants via CiviSMS? A client wants us to send participant's QR codes to their mobiles.
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Is unicode not supported in clickatell SMS extension?

I have CiviCRM 5.13 on Drupal7 with the clickatell v4.1 extension for SMS. Clickatell integration works, I can send test SMS via HTTPS from the browser to test phones. Database and environment is set ...
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clickatell sms "Recipient phone number is invalid or recipient does not want to receive SMS"

wordpress 4.9.6 Clickatell 4.1 All was working fine until upgrade to Civi 5.22 and upgrade to SMS API 1.5 (yup in retrospect should have tested separately!) phone is home-mobile-primary
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Can Twilio 'from' number be a text field with the organisation name?

With Clickatell it's easy to have the 'from' number of an SMS set to your organisation name - such as 'ABC NFP' rather than '01332 46000'. Several people have asked whether this can be the case for ...
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Sending SMS Error : Invalid or missing integration API Key

I just upgraded to 4.7.28 on wordpress 4.9.1 I am trying to setup my Clickatell SMS provider but I am getting a strange error; However I have dobble checked the details and have tested it using the ...
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2 answers

Mass SMS broken, single SMS kind of works

Ok so this is a strange one. SMS has been working for years on our site without issue however it isn't used very frequently so I'm not quite sure when it 'broke' Bit of background: Using 4.7.22 on ...
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Scheduled SMS Reminders aren't delivering

I've set up a Scheduled Reminder for an activity with the following parameters: Activity type= Custom Type Activity status= Scheduled When= 1 day before scheduled activity date and time Recipients= ...
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