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How to Search for Contacts stored in a Contact Reference Custom Field

Got a Civi newbie question. I'm looking to use a Contact Reference custom field as a foreign key in a many-to-one entity relationship, but I don't see how to build the search query properly in ...
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Create prompt '+ create new +' is not displayed when filter returns no values

I've created a test-form with two contact, for the first contact,one of the parents i'm using the contact id from url. for the second contact there is a filter Relationship to: contact-1, specify ...
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Update existing individual contact by using reference contact (search bar external sheet)

I'm using caldera forms and civicrm and I want to update contact informations by external forms. The idea is to use contact reference to identify existing contact rather than adding it (first name, ...
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Notes next to contact phone numbers

I work with homeless and their phone numbers change. We need to keep all their numbers but add small notes to them. Like busy signal, no voicemail, Old/Wrong Number... stuff like that. Because we ...
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How do I get pictures entered into fields in contact records to be viewable in the contact record?

And not just present as file names, or require that the file be opened to view the picture?
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how to search for contacts selected in contact reference fields

Civi 5.15.1, WordPress 5.4.1 Some of our contacts ask us to send our communications to someone else, a "designated contact" or DC. To accommodate them, we created custom Contact Reference fields for ...
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Wordpress profile permissions to select contact reference field

We are in WordPress, which is new to me. We have a registration profile that includes a custom field which is a contact reference field filtered to include only a specific group of contacts. When I'm ...
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Custom field for grants- type is contact reference, not working in profile when batch updating

We have a site on 5.8 D7 With a function to batch update contact reference fields in grants The field works fine when editting a grant record, but shows the message "loading failed" when updating ...
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Fill in custom field of type contact reference field from javascript returns TypeError

I have a custom field, which is a contact reference field. Based on what the user fills in on the form, I would like to fill in the contact reference field with a specific contact. Leaving the user ...
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How do I display the Contact ID on User Dashboard?

MAYYYBE I am over complicating this, but I have searched and searched and only found this answered for Drupal. We are on Wordpress and would like for members to provide me with a searchable unique ...
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Select list showing limited contacts, using “CiviCRM Contact” reference in drupal

I'm having problem while storing values in select list field, for this field i'm using "CiviCRM Contact" reference. I have more than 30,000 contacts, but why in select list showing limited contacts? ...
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Can a Contact Reference field be utilised on a Webform such that the contacts pre-load on the form

Scenario. I have a field set made up of 3 Contact Reference fields, eg c1, c2, c3. I have a webform with 4 contacts, cid1 is current user, cid2 etc are set as Static Fields and I was hoping they ...
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Custom Data: Multiple Contact References

What is the easiest way to add a custom field that contains multiple contact references a la Activity Target Contacts. I.E. Custom Data:::::Extends Organizations Field Set Name: Investment Round ...
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customize search field in Contact Reference Field

In "New Membership" I need to search the contacts by External ID instead of default "name or email". Is there any smart solution for this?
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What does the CiviCRM Contact Reference Field Drupal module do?

What does the CiviCRM Contact Reference Field Drupal module do? And, if I select On to enable it, the selector changes to orange, rather than green, which I assume means 'proceed with caution if ...
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How to use auto-complete reference field in a profile?

I am currently using an auto-complete field to indicate which member is representing which organisation. When I preview the field, either in the personalized fields or in the profile I am using it in, ...
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Contact Reference Field Import & Batch update

How can someone import or do a batch update using a profile using a contact reference field? I have tried both and get errors on the import even though the format of the text is correct and those ...
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Using contacts as event locations

Is there any extension or any other way to use regular contacts as event locations? This has been asked on several occasions in the forum, and the response has been "well, at least you can re-use ...
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