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relationships no longer working as expected - data corruption?

Yesterday I asked a question that I thought expressed the problem I was having, but this morning as I tried to implement a fix, I realized that this CiviCRM site has a more serious problem. There is a ...
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Afform and Contact Layout Editor for contact summary

We have been using Form Builder a lot lately to build reports for our teams. We recently saw that Form Builder integrates with Contact Layout Editor. If I use Form Builder to create a form with basic ...
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Profile summary editor cannot add or edit fields in a reserved custom field-set

I would like to rearrange the order and remove some fields we don't use in the contact summary Editor. I tried but it's giving me an error code saying you cannot add or edit fields in a reserved ...
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Notes next to contact phone numbers

I work with homeless and their phone numbers change. We need to keep all their numbers but add small notes to them. Like busy signal, no voicemail, Old/Wrong Number... stuff like that. Because we ...
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How to save email adresses having weird, rare format?

One of our contacts has a weird, rare email format: [email protected] I did not know, that having a - in front of @ is even possible. It is the correct adress and the adress reaches its owner. Regardless ...
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Email Block On User Summary Does Not Expand

The email block on the contact summary does not expand to be edited. I have tested and this is a problem with my install (not repeatable on DMASTER) but I would love some ideas of how to try and solve ...
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Can I show a profile on contact summary page

I would like to show membership details on the contact summary screen - type, status, start date - using the contact layout editor. I can create a profile for membership, but this isn't available to ...
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Contact Summary Editor Extension Question

I am using CiviCRM 5.19.4 and Drupal 8. I need to customize the Contact Summary page - installed the extension Contact Summary Editor successfully. All is good, added all the contact information that ...
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Contact Summary Layout based on relationship

There is an extension called "Contact Summary Editor" by colemanmw which enables users to see specific parts of contact based on the group the user belongs to. During editing you can enable which ACL ...
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How do I restore City, County, State to the Address block in Contact Summary

I'm on Civi 5.20.0 and Drupal 7.67. I installed and re-installed the Electoral extension, see and
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