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Can Not Run Reports

Nothing has changed, that I know of, since yesterday. Same browser, same everything. All of a sudden today I am unable to run reports and get the following message: " Sorry, due to an error, we ...
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Error type: Could not find a valid session key. The now familiar error

I suddenly find myself unable to use most Admin functions in 5.43. I'm not completely shut out though. I can still load the Membership Dashboard where it loads Contact names etc., but can't do a ...
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Thank you page not loading after payment

I have a new WordPress site with CiviCRM installed. I'm testing recurring payments using PayPal, but a problem occurs after the payment has been made. The browser tries to return to the site/merchant,...
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Contribution page with cookies blocked just reloads on submission - is this expected behaviour?

We recently had a donor call our office who was having trouble donating online ( It turned out they had blocked cookies in ...
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What are the cookies used by CiviCRM?

Given the need in the EU to provide information about the cookies that a given site uses, is there any information available at CiviCRM (and maybe its extensions ecosystem) about the cookies that ...
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CRON Error: Trying to get property of non-object in /.../libraries/joomla/session/handler/joomla.php on line 74 [duplicate]

How do I resolve this error, 'Trying to get property of non-object in /.../libraries/joomla/session/handler/joomla.php on line 74'? Here's line 74 or the joomla.php file, $cookie = $this->input->...
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CiviCRM Dashboard not working on local Win 10 install; live server okay

I recently made a mirror on my laptop running XAMPP. Wordpress 4.6.1 + CiviCRM 4.7.14. Everything works fine on the front-facing site and everything seems to work fine in the back-end, except the ...
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This page requires cookies to be enabled

Event registration issues, reports from users make it seem to be with some regularity. Message mentions cookies but I am having trouble tracking this down, does anyone have any pointers about where ...
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Error "Could not find a valid session key." on contribution payment page in Wordpress CiviCRM

Got reports from some of the users about this error, which happens when submitting the contribution payment form. Because of this error many users are having issues with registration/payment. Haven't ...
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Security of REST API keys

This OWASP document suggests that API keys for REST APIs should be passed as a POST parameter or a cookie. Not a GET parameter, because they can appear in the server logs. Elsewhere they suggest that ...
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Using iframes to present contribution page on remote site

We've been using iframes on remote sites to embed CiviCRM contributions pages with generally good results. However, we've recently found out that it is failing in Internet Explorer and Safari. It ...
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How do I make profile submissions more reliable, or at least not silently fail?

When a profile is submitted without a valid cookie, the submission is lost (no data saved in the database) and the site redirects to the front page of the website. This occurs on Joomla when: An ...
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