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Mark questions with this tag if they involve CiviCRM's county features. Counties (or districts, parishes, etc.) are subdivisions of a state/province.

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Add county to reports

I'm looking for a way to add sorting and/or grouping by county to reports. Specifically, Membership Details and constituent Details. I've tried a bit of monkeying with the PHP but I don't seem to have ...
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How to modify the country list and their id?

I would like to edit the country list to add some countries, for example British West Indies. How do I do that? directly into the table civicrm_country? I also want to know if I can add my own ...
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On Import, where is county field?

I've noticed upon matching mapping fields in the import process that for some fields in the file they are missing in the CiviCRM drop-downs. For instance, for a field named "Home County' the CiviCRM ...
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Add fields in Matching CiviCRM fields on Import Contact

We are importing contacts into our CRM. Our CSV file contains a District column, but while importing contacts, there's no such field present in CiviCRM--we need to add the district field. URL: ...
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How can I lookup US county from latitude/longitude?

Does there exist an easy way to look up U.S. counties from latitude/longitude? I know about Mathieu's excellent Region Lookup extension, but since one postal code can encompass multiple counties, I'd ...
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