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Questions about how to use CiviCRM feature to model real-life situations.

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Enforcing the uniqueness of fields/entities (e.g. phone numbers)

I'd like to ensure that phone numbers of a certain type (let's say Mobile) are unique across our Civi instance. A given contact should be able to have no more than one Mobile number, and no two ...
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How will I maintain a hierarchical structure in civicrm?

I want to maintain a following hierarchical structure for different user.How can I do that? If any extension is available then let me know.
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How do user permissions work for multi-level organizations?

We are currently using Action Network for our CRM (even though it is not designed for that), marketing and digital mobilising tools. We moved to them because of their system of parent/sibling/child ...
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using CiviCRM like Access?

I am new to CiviCRM. Is it possible for me to use CiviCRM like MS Access? I really don't need all the fields CiviCRM is offering. All I need is the fields shown as below: First Name Last Name State ...
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What are the files and fields in CiviCRM?

An organization I volunteer for is considering this software solution. I need to see the files and fields in those files to see how they match to our current system. A brief description of the purpose ...
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What is the database schema for groups and parent groups?

I need to manually delete a group that is corrupt. Already tried a few things. This corrupt group assigned itself as the parent to other groups and continues to add additional children groups every ...
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information about the underlying data-model behind civicrm (version 4.6)

where can I find that? I have a good knowledge of databases, so this information would help me a lot in modeling the civicrm-data with either contact-tags, groups.
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adding extra info to relations

I'm setting up CiviCRM for an animal charity organisation. Beside some problems to set up animal master data derived from an individual (e.g. animals usually don't have last names, etc.), I'm stuck ...
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How to handle irrelevant employers we don't really want as separate contacts?

So, sometimes a contact's employer is entirely irrelevant, we have basically no value in keeping that information. Or maybe there's no reason not to note it, but it's not an organization we care about....
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What table and column contain the date a contact was added?

I'm trying to determine the correct table and column to check the data a contact was added to the civicrm-contact table. What is the best method for doing this?
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