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Different Schema / Database in Multisite

We're planning to use CiviCRM for a large number of voters (~10M voters). This questions is related to the one here. We were wondering if it's possible to split these 10M voters into different schemas....
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Is it possible to return to the same contact summary page (ajax) once we have edited a contribution?

For example, when edit a one contribution in page 10 and save, return to page 10 and not to first page of contributions. Thanks.
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How can I change a cell in dataTables (custom data type tab with table) to disable the inline edit?

I need to make a change where some of the contact identifiers (extension Identity Tracker) can not be changed by the user. I can do that with the validateForm hook. But the Contact Identities are ...
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CiviCRM upgrade in Joomla failing

I have got a Joomla website running CiviCRM version 5.41.2 and we are migrating to a WordPress website running CiviCRM version 5.60.0 I have backed up the Joomla site and working on a dev environment ...
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Custom Fields - Tab with table

I defined some custom fields with multiple records. The records are not shown in the data-table. Open tab in new Window produces an error : DataTables warning: table id=records-4 - Invalid JSON ...
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Datatables Warning in Find and Merge Page

This issue is similar to this one. The only difference is that we are on CiviCRM 5.22.1. Problem The following error pops-up when use the 'Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts' page (civicrm/contact/...
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