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Dedupe Rules is for question focussed on the construction of the rules used for deduping and finding matching contacts

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Deduper fails with punctations in the name (dot, semicolon, underscore, parenthesis...)

As per this documentation page of the Deduper extension, the Uninformative characters resolver should be able to detect names such as O.Donel / O Donel / O;Donel as duplicates, but after testing, I ...
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deduper not working with hyphen character in the name (uninformative character)

After testing some specific examples about deduping contacts with the deduper extension, I came to the follwing conclusion : diatrics / accent / lower and upper case are very well taken into acount. ...
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CiviCRM System Status: You are missing a rule of type Supervised for: Individual

I have the following in the system status warning, can someone please help to explain and solve this, Thanks a lot. For CiviCRM to function correctly you must have at least 2 dedupe rules configured ...
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Import data, given Contact ID

I have a CSV with various fields, including Internal ID and Phone. I want to match Internal ID to Contact ID, and add Phone to the set of phone numbers for each contact. I use a simple field mapping ...
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Can I dedupe by primary email or primary phone only?

I want to dedupe contacts who have the same primary email address (ditto for contacts with the same primary phone). However, I'm not seeing a way to include primary-ness as a factor in a dedupe rule. ...
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Supervised dedupe rule finds duplicate when manually run but not automatically

I'm running CiviCRM 5.51.0 (the problem was the same with 5.50.4) on WordPress 6.0 I defined a supervised dedupe rule using personalized fields which is properly working (i.e. finds duplicates on one ...
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Dedupe rule not working for Email only

CiviCRM 5.39.0/Wordpress 5.72 When adding a new Individual in backend, the Email only Dedupe rule doesn't work. When I enter the email address, no other data, of a known contact, it does not find the ...
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how can i delete reserved dedupe rules in civicrm

i'am using civicrm and i want to delete some dedupe rules but the problem i dont see the buttom delete. Can you help me please ?
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Weight Threshold error when creating a Deduplication Rule

This is on CiviCRM 5.36. I try and create a rule with, say, First Name and Last Name, both having a weight of 10. If I set any Threshold greater than 10 so as to require both to match, I get the ...
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Multiple First Names for a Contact - implementing AKA (also known as)

We continue to generate duplicate contacts in situations where an individual uses different variants of their first name. E.G. (Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby) or (William, Bill, Billy) or (Rick, Rich, ...
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Dedupe rule to reject record rather than creating new record

i understand that you can use the dedupe rule to identify matching record to merge a new record or to create a new record altogether. Is there a means to reject the new record altogether if a match ...
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Modify unsupervised dedupe rule to ignore whitespace?

I have noticed in many occasions, duplicate contact is created just because there’s an extra space in names or a missing one. Just wondering is it possible to setup the unsupervised dedupe rule in a ...
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Webform creating duplicate contact

The snippets below show the duplicate contacts, the webform CiviCRM tab, and the matching rules. If I fill in name & a matching email the form updates the contact, does not create a dup. If I ...
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Dedupe rule ignores the location type for Email/Phone but does not ignore for Addresses. Should we make this consistent

per the title, what do others think is the better behaviour a/ ignore Location Type for Email, Phone, but use Location Type for Address (status quo) b/ change so Location Type is never taken in to ...
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