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How to add/change the default language?

Brand new CiviCRM user here. Currently the default Language in Settings - Localization is English (United States). There are no other language options currently available in the Available Languages ...
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What is the `cv` command to set default language?

Looking in the API V3, I can find the default language in Setting but not how to set it to fr_FR. I've tried commands like cv api Setting.create lcMessages="FR" but they return nothing or ...
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"Deceased" flag set to "no" by default in standard reports

Why is the "Deceased" flag set to "no" by default in standard reports ? This causes waste of time in understanding why the search results are not full. All other flags are set to &...
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How do I set the default font type and font size in ckeditor configuration?

I'm trying to configure a site so email messages (Contact>send an email) default to Arial- 12 point. I can see the CK Editor config options in Display preferences, but am struggling to decipher the ...
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Is it possible to not have a default country?

I'm working on a Civi implementation for a client who deals with contacts around the world. It makes no real sense for them to have a default country, yet it looks like I have no option but to set one....
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Fixing the CiviCRM db when someone deleted "phone" from system dropdown menu options

Got a problem with how someone (I suspect) has gone in to CiviCRM » Administer CiviCRM » Option Groups » Phone Type Options and thought "hey, we don't need a dropdown item of "phone" because that's ...
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BaseURL change problem

I installed my Civicrm with the IP address of the server which turns out to be a "Bad Idea" (TM). Now when trying to enter various posts, such as membership details or new events I keep getting "...
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Can you change your default 'Activity Status' for adding a new activity?

Can you change your default 'Activity Status' for adding a new activity? We use completed far more than scheduled...
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HOWTO reliably set default Country on Import?

We are trying to understand why importing contacts from CSV files with Address, City, State, Zip but no Country results in addresses with countries like Uruguay (for some CA residents), Yemen (for ...
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Setting Default Value BuildForm Hook does not work

I tried to implement the following hook (in my extension "cividoncamillo"), to set a default Contribution Type, but it does not work... Any Ideas why not? //does not work function ...
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timezone in PHP is incorrect

Facing this warning Timestamps reported by MySQL (eg "2017-07-20 13:48") and PHP (eg "2017-07-20 08:18" ) are mismatched. While MySql time matches with my local time. PHP is running 5:30 hrs less. My ...
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Couldnt see Civicrm plugin when logged in as wordpress subscriber/editor and other roles

I created different users for my wordpress page. When logged in as Administrator , I am able to access CiviCRM, but when logged in as subscriber or editor or other roles, I am not able to view civicrm ...
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CiviMail: How to make url tracking not default? [duplicate]

We're using CiviCRM 4.7.15 and want to uncheck the url tracking checkboxes in CiviMail per default. Disabling them by pure JS/jQuery is a bit hacky due to the fact that CiviMail uses angular. What's ...
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change profile default (custom field)

I have an application form for students wishing to sign up for an audition. Our student records contain a custom "standing" field to indicate whether they are active (current students), inactive (past ...
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What is causing default membership type error?

On contribution page, I set "Membership One" as default membership, but then "Membership Two" is what shows up as default membership choice for public. I tried changing the default to other membership ...
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default email format on contact creation

I am sure I found the solution I am looking for for an older release of civicrm. Currently I have installed 4.7.2. and can not find a way to set the default value for new contacts (individual or ...
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Default values for Preferred language, email format, email greeting, postal greeting and addressee

we are in the process of setting up CiviCRM and we are importing a lot of records from a previous CRM. when we do the import, the preferred language defaults to english. how do we get this to be a ...
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Remove Individual's eMail as default when sending eMails

Sending ( not mass-sending ) of eMails: the eMail address of th actual user is put to the send-from field. Alternativley the organizations eMail address can ( and has to be selected manually - this is ...
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Wrong default organisation

I choosed as default organisation an individual instead an organisation. Can I change this or is there a solution? Thousand thanks for your help. Regard, Oliver
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How do I set the print order for address labels?

I've created a site using Drupal (7.37) and CiviCRM (4.6.2) for a club that I am a member of. We send out a quarterly printed newsletter and sometimes need to insert personalised letters or other ...
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Change the default fields (columns) in contact search results

Very frequently I get users asking if we can remove Address/City/State/Postal/Country columns from the default search results table. Often they want to show some of our custom fields instead. Or to ...
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How can I set default active dashlets for all users globally?

Can I create a default dashboard setup (active dashlets and arrangement) for all users? This would greatly improve the usability of the Dashboard, since the dashlets relevant to the use-case of the ...
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