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BUG Update Contacts in Search Results, Relationship to Organization, Employee of, deleted Employee of Relationship Type

ERROR "appears you have deleted the employee relationship type" BUT that is not the case, and now the summary view can't display/modify employer since doing a relationship update via search ...
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Is it possible to report on deleted activities/

Is it possible to run a report on deleted activities? There's an is_deleted flag in the civicrm_activity table which isn't exposed by search kit and I can't find any is_deleted flags set to anything ...
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I have deleted a contact by mistake

I have deleted a contact by mistake. Please explain how I can restore the contact to the database ?
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Deleted contacts considered duplicate in mailing

Some weeks ago clients reported problems of mass mailings not being delivered to a part of the destinees. After doing some research it occurred that the problem lied in contacts that had been merged. ...
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Mailing to contacts in a group - deleted contacts were included to the list of recipients

We discovered a bug on this weekend with our last newsletter. We use CiviMail to send our newsletter to all contacts within our "Newsletter" group. As usual we collected the group as the ...
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Restore a deleted mailing?

Is there any way to restore a mailing after you delete it? Or even find it? We are using CiviCRM 5.8.12 with WordPress. We use Mosaico for some mailings.
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If a contact is in Trash (because they were merged) but the person with matching details fills in Membership what is a good outcome

Scenario was Contact A had email Contact A then filled out a Join/Renew (not using checksum) and used Result was Contact B was created. Those contacts were later ...
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templates_c cache files not being deleted

This is a problem I've had for three or four years, but never solved. I send a monthly mailing to about 50k contacts using CiviMail. Each mailing is scheduled using the standard CiviCRM job scheduling....
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Should deleted Participant contributions appear in the report Event Income Report?

At Event Income Report (both Detail and Summary), in the results, contacts deleted with contributions are counted. I tested it in dmaster and have the same behavior. Obviously, it's because in the ...
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