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Deprecated: attempt to access invalid property :_id Caller: CRM_Core_Form::getVar

Wordpress: 6.5.3 CiviCRM: 5.73.2 DB: MySql8 PHP: 8.1 When I fill in a registration on an event form and click review the following message appears on the screen: Deprecated: attempt to access invalid ...
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1 answer

Deprecated permission message

Have been seeing this message recently quite a lot in our drupal log. Anything we need to worry about? [PHP User Deprecation] Permission 'administer CiviDiscount' should be declared with 'label' and '...
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1 answer

cron breaks after upgrade 5.69.4 - php 8.2 (deprecated for ${var} in dp.php)

on our staging environment we upgraded to Drupal 10.2.0 - CiviCRM 5.69.4 - PHP 8.2.15 On the Plesk server for the domain there is a scheduled (cron) job created as: script path = httpdocs/vendor/bin/...
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cron job with error php deprecation - str_replace(): Passing null to parameter

I'm curing a Joomla instance CiviCRM. Just updated from Joomla 3 to joomla 4.4.1 with CiviCRM 5.68.1. Updated too the server debian version from 11 to 12. configured cron task with cv version v0.3....
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WordPress error: Creation of dynamic property ... is deprecated

I have a brand new installation of WP+CiviCRM on a virtual private server. Every page loads with these errors at the top of the page: Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property ...
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