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Integration with other systems eg Google, OneDrive, OnlyOffice, SharePoint

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Does CiviCRM work with Sharepoint/Googledocs?

I found this question from last year titled document management system. I would like to investigate ways to link CiviCRM to something like Sharepoint/Googledocs. Is there an update to this/some sort ...
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Documenten document extension - backfilling documents

I was testing out the functionality of the Documenten extension as it looks promising. (We use CiviCase heavily and are starting to scan some paper files and add them to cases.) The blog post here: ...
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Document Managment System

We're looking for a way to use One Drive or Google Docs in a document management system that allows users to log into Civi, open up the documents folder and edit the document from within Civi, without ...
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Search for contacts with documents

I am in a process of migrating CiviCRM data to a separate database. I am using the Documenten extension to store some files attached to my contacts and I would like to find the contacts which have ...