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Where is the "Domain Access CiviCRM" extension?

I am installing a MultiDomain CiviCRM implementation using Drupal using the Domain Access drupal module. I am unable to locate the installer for Domain Access CiviCRM extension which is required to ...
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Drupal 8 and civicrm version compatability

I am trying to get CiviCRM working against Drupal 8. For testing and setting up I am currently using: Oracle VBox 6 UBuntu 18.04 php 7.2.17 mysql 5.7.26 composer 1.8.5 Let me know if there is ...
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Different Contacts of same child Group in multisite

I use a multi-site CiviCRM installation with the CiviCRM Multisite extension installed and tuned : having Multi Site Configuration enabled and each site set with a Domain Group. I set all the proper ...
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Can Wordpress handle multi-site CiviCRM the same way Drupal 7 with domain access does?

My organization is currently running a multi-site CiviCRM deployment on Drupal 7 using the domain access module. We set permissions on the contacts by using the state field so that the leadership in ...
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How to install a separated Civi database with Drupal 8?

I am very confused with the evolution of Drupal 8 going away from its ability in Drupal 7 to easily handle multisite. Is it still possible to share a Civi database with the multisite extension with ...
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100% mailing have bounced : validation failed for <(INVALID)>

Hello after two modifications on the server and on CiviCRM, it becomes impossible to send any mailing. All the email adresses are "burned" with all the email addresses being wrongly tagged as bounced. ...
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How do I use import and export php classes with aegir?

How do I use export.php and import.php to work with multiple sites run with Aegir. All of them share the same files (php classes) and when I specify the site with -s I get nothing (...
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Can Domain Access ensure that a civi 'admin' on domain-B can not login via domain-C and see contacts they should not see?

My recollection maybe wrong on this. Scenario is main site A subsite B subsite C Subsites B and C are created via Domain Access module and are correctly wired in to civicrm so that a contact ...
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CKEditor Multi-Site Configuration Problem

After updating to 4.7.23 from 4.7.20, I can now use the CKeditor Configuration and the changes are saved based on the changes made at, but the wysiwyg ...
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Solved: Is this a bug - [civicrm.files] variable

Drupal-7.54 , CiviCRM-4.7.16 Multi-site / Aegir platform. On a clean Drupal+CiviCRM instal the autogenerated path for the [civicrm.files] variable in 'Settings - upload directories' differs from the ...
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