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Exporting related contact's information on a contact that is a subtype

We have a relationship type that is designated between a "Student" subtype of Individual and a "School" subtype of Organization ("Student of/Student is"). When we do a search for Students and try to ...
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Contact-exportation exports all contacts instead of the results

In CiviCRM 5.72.2 (Joomla! 4.4.5), the contact export exports all contacts instead of all results. The alternative is to check all contacts of the search results and then check "Selection records ...
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Both Classic Search and SearchKit: "90150 records selected for export" - would this work in browser?

It seems the only way of exporting some 90+ K contacts is via CLI. I wonder, what would be a maximum number of contacts export threshold via GUI?
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retrieve and export histrocial transaction data

In order to better analyse our last mailing, i would love to view and export historical transaction data for a specific amount of Id's? Ie. show me all transaction and transaction dates connected to a ...
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Hello, when I export contributions , tax amount is always 0

people register for memberships, amount includes tax. when I export to csv file, tax always show 0
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Cannot export Participants - DB Error: unknown error

I choose the Export PRIMARY fields when export a participant, I always get the error "DB Error: unknown error" after click the Continue button at step 2. Export Options. I open the debug ...
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Unable to map fields when exporting to CSV

We are unable to map fields when exporting to CSV. Using Primary Field export gets us the standard csv, but when option to select fields for mapping is checked, seems to go into a loop (see attached ...
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How to export 'employee of' relationship that has multiple staff members?

As a disclaimer, I've read up on this thread: How to export all children of a family?. However, that doesn't seem to solve my problem. Here's my dilemma. I'm looking to export contacts from our ...
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