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Hello! Is it possible to make content in CiviCRM and publish it directly to Facebook?

Is it possible to make content in CiviCRM and publish it directly to Facebook? For example, uploading the video and posting a link that's leading to an article, or official website?
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Adding Facebook tracking pixel to contribution confirmation pages

We're on Drupal 7.69 and CiviCRM 5.13.x. One of our clients want to add facebook tracking pixel codes to the membership confirmation page after payment. We are using the Facebook Tracking Pixel ...
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Integration with Facebook Lead Ads

Someone knows or has made some integration between Facebook Lead Ads and CiviCRM? I'm looking for a custom integration as described on
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Has anyone done anything integrating Facebook Donations?

We have a potential customer who is interested in using the Facebook Donate API to integrate with CiviCRM. Any work been done on this already?
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How do you input Virgin Money Giving Donations into CiviCRM?

Just a quick question, is there any better way to get donations from outside services like Virgin Money Giving or Facebook that just manual input? At the moment, I'm just assuming that we add the ...
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Pulling info from Facebook into Civi

I am working with an organization with a Drupal-based Civi instance that would like to have their people (members, event registrants, etc) sign into their Civi with Facebook and allow Civi to pull in ...
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Why is there no Facebook share button on thank-you pages?

When you create contribtuion pages in CiviCRM you can choose to "Allow sharing through social media" The following image appears at the bottom of your thank-you page when the contribution has been ...
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creating Sign-up form on Facebook

We are looking to include a sign-up form using a CiviCRM profile or some other method on our Facebook page. Does anyone have any recommendations for tools that can do this? I assume it is a matter of ...
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How does CiviEvent Facebook "like" works?

I was testing the behavior of the "FB like" in the event subscription form. It seems not to work, and anyway, how can it point the event page if there is not in the DB the data keeping the FB event ...
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Can I easily sync/import Facebook Event attendees with a CiviCRM Event participant list?

A lot of my users like to use Facebook Events for quickly inviting their friends and contacts to an Event. Facebook allows Event attendees and status to be exported by the Event owner or manager - ...
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How do I get PCPs to look 'right' when shared on Facebook?

We are using Wordpress 4.2.2 & CiviCRM 4.6.1. We have a couple of fundraising events in which participants have the option of creating a Personal Fundraising Page. When participants share their ...
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Adding a Facebook Conversion Pixel Code to the contribution confirmation screen

To track the efficacy of a Facebook ad campaign, my users want to insert a Conversion Pixel to some (but NOT all) contribution confirmation pages. What's an effective way to do this?
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