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13 votes
6 answers

Howto hide/disable fields not needed

My company does not make use of many of the fields provided by civicrm. Our users told me the sheer mass of empty fields is overwhelming them. I know I could walk the hide-by-jquery-to-death way, but:...
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2 votes
1 answer

No such field: card_type, but exists

I've upgraded CiviCRM multiple times since we last ran an event which requires payments, and are now at 4.7.17 on Joomla 3.6.5 with MySQL 5.7.18. When many (not all) users try to register they ...
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1 answer

How can I add Company to billing/pay later fields?

When I activate pay later and force pay later address input on an event I get some fields displayed. How can I add "Company" to those fields? I used the hack in How to change order in ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Individual Name Fields are not available when adding a new contact

I recently migrated my CiviCRM 4.4.10lts that was running on Joomla to a fresh 5.12.4 install on Drupal 7.66. The LAMP is an Ubuntu 18.04 stack on Azure. I had to copy my data into the new database ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Bogus Error Mandatory fields first name and last name OR email address missing from form

Event registration form on Civi 4.7.15 (WP 4.7.1) keeps throwing this mandatory fields missing error, even though all fields are filled in with good values. Happens on empty cache and regardless what ...
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1 answer

Custom logic for fields

One of the requirements for a project was for the system to generate a unique ID for each of the members coming in. The logic of the unique ID is slightly complex. The unique ID will take the first ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to have conditional fields like in Drupal 7?

I use CIVI 5.x and Drupal 7. I would like to have conditional fields, that display is certain conditions are met, for example: New Customer, IF group is business, show business address field, IF ...
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