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What parts of the civicrm filesystem's "local data files" can be converted to e.g. S3?

Drupal has a project called "S3 filesystem" which allows a site to put some of it's "files" on a remote S3 bucket (or other object-based filesystem). It works because Drupal ...
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Templates_c permissions differ when rebuilt on command line or by apache

This is related to, but not a duplicate of, CiviCRM rebuilding templates_c with permissions. I am using civicrm 5.1.2 / Drupal 7 / Apache / Linux. It is best practice not to let www-data own files ...
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How to create a custom field for a file upload, and make it private

We would like to create a custom field in CiviCRM for a file upload, and link it to the CiviCRM Webforms Integration module while at the same time keeping it "private" and is not publicly accessible. ...
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Where is CiviCRM installed?

I have CiviCRM installed on my web site, and some answers on Stack Exchange tell me to change a file in CiviCRM, or to find my "civicrmroot". I know how to access the files on my server, using FTP or ...
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file permissions with hosted wordpress

I seem to be regularly running into problems with file permissions running on WordPress. The two specific examples are that image browsing and upload didn't work in KCEditor (due to permissions for ...
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How to Dedupe Records

I have one member who signed up 3 years in a row online. Every year he used a different variation of his name. How can I unify these files using the deduping mechanism?
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Uncaught Symfony "cannot rename" causing Critical Error on Wordpress

I got a Critical Error today which has caused the backend of the website to be inaccessible. Is there a way to fix this? and is there a way to stop this from happening? An error of type E_ERROR was ...
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Files directory empty

I recently installed Civi on WordPress 4.8. Upon wanting to manually upload an extension to the extension directory, I saw that the "files" directory is empty. In the installation guide it said to ...
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CPANEL file usage high, greatest number of files in bower_components ckeditor directory

CiviCRM 4.7.31 WordPress 5.4.1 I am using cPanel on a hosting provider and notice the File Usage is high (file usage is number of files, not space). I checked to see which directories have the ...
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Version check error - Permission on Bitnami/Google Cloud

According to the log, the version check is not being executed: (after a plain/basic deployment of Bitnami CIVICRM package at Google Cloud). Output log from: ( Administer -> System Settings -> ...
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CiviCRM 4.6.27 on Drupal 7 says it can't write version-info-cache.json but it can

CiviCRM is giving me the following error: Unable to write file: /var/www/html/drupal/sites/default/files/civicrm/upload/version-info-cache.json The problem is that CiviCRM can write that file, and ...
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2 answers

Unwritable Extensions Directory

When I go to the Admin > Extensions > Add New, I get the following error... "Directory Unwritable Your extensions directory is not set or is not writable. Click here to set the extensions directory." ...
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intermittent file not writable error

CiviCRM 5.62.1 / Wordpress 6.2.2 I have an intermittent error on the version check action as part of my cron. It'll run fine for a couple of days, then fail, then run again. I suspect an over ...
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Best methods for filesharing with Civi, not using file upload fields

I'm trying to find a way to share documents in an organisation without using the file upload field as part of custom data on a contact/ case record. Could a link field handle a link to a shared server/...
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