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Questions tagged [form-snippets]

Questions about using profile form HTML snippets.

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1 vote
1 answer

How to connect my wordpress newsletter form to civiCRM?

I need some help with connecting my wordpress newsletter form to civiCRM. I’ve just started using civiCRM and I want to connect the sign up form ( that I aready have in wordpress) with civiCRM, so ...
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2 votes
1 answer

New Contacts and Profiles - Is there a way to update the source field?

We use some profiles - some of which are embedded on external sites. It would be helpful if the Contact Source could be updated to reflect the source of the contact being the profile. I know this can ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How can I tell if Remote Profiles are in use?

Remote profiles are difficult to configure safely, so they're turned off by default on modern CiviCRM installs. However, if I have an old CiviCRM installation, how can I tell if this feature is in ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can't find HTML Snippet in Profiles (Drupal)

I want to use the HTML snippet. But i don't find the path to active "Accept profile submissions from external sites to Yes". i'm using CiviCRM 4.7.29 running with Drupal. any idea ?
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2 votes
1 answer

Can't find HTML Snippet in Profiles (Joomla)

I'm trying to add a newsletter sign-up form to an external* (Joomla) website. The guidance I've found online says that I should go to Customize » CiviCRM Profile, then click 'More' on right and select ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Using HTML snippets for Forms no longer an option?

For a long time I was using a CiviCRM form for signing up people to our mailing lists, and doing it using html for the form on a non-CiviCRM page. I have a memory that there used to be an option in ...
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1 answer

Programatically obtaining a Profile's HTML Snippet

Using the administrative dashboard I can obtain an HTML Form Snippet for any profile which I can use to embed in any webpage or context. This is an extremely useful feature. Is there any way to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why won't data entered into CiviCRM profile html snippet save?

I'm using Joomla 3.4.1 with CiviCRM 4.6.3 on a demo site as part of a re-design. I've used the CiviCRM profiles html snippet to create a Joomla signup module. See here for example. It worked once - ...
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3 answers

Why does the html snippet for a profile not include the url of the site for linked Jscript and css files?

When our users create an html snippet for a Profile, it requires a lot of editing to get the references to work. I don't understand why it's written that way. For reference, here's a snippet of the ...
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