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Hosting for CIVICRM -

Our live CIVICRM environment is CiviCRM 5.67.1, Joomla 4.4.2, PHP 8.1, hosted on Siteground. Looking to move from Siteground dedicated hosting - too many issues and super slow. Looking for advice ...
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Looking for a CiviCRM SAAS environment

Are there any Civicrm SAAS providers? I don't want to maintain a CiviCRM installation, just be a user. I currently host a client's installation and no longer have capacity to maintain it. Would prefer ...
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How do I change the credit card linked to our civiCRM account?

I used my personal credit/debit card to set-up civiCRM for my organization and now we have an organizational bank account. I'd like to stop paying personally for the hosting service. How do I make ...
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Any Recent Experience with WPEngine and CiviCRM?

Long story short, admins insist on using WPEngine, I explained we would want to explore other options and I can't guarantee it will work flawlessly. I know there are posts from years ago about ...
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Trapped by MySQL 5.6

HostGator has frozen their shared platforms at MySQL 5.6 with no plans to offer MySQL 5.7 to the shared packages, even though 5.6 went EOL on February 5th, 2021. They're pushing people to use their ...
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Shared hosting vs VPS with CiviCRM & Wordpress

I would like to start a new civi installation on WP to keep around 1000 contact records. What is the best option, Shared hosting vs VPS? Pros & cons? Any recommended hosting provider? Thanks
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Can't install CiviCRM on Wordpress (error Database)

I try a several times to install CiviCRM on my Wordpress. But the Check before show problems with the database. I checked everything a several times but no success. Wordpress is running on a hosting ...
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Looking for hosting company

I am looking for hosting providers and would like recommendations as well as any horror stories about you to avoid.
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Any quirks on Virtuozzo VPS?

The good news, I'm returning to the cloud provider that I used for many years. (I left because I merged my business with another firm.) Here's where I'm a little uncertain. The provider I've been ...
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Hosting Provider for CiviCRM

I am trying to install my CiviCRM instance on my current drupal installation that is my website which is hosted by the During installation I get an error „DB Error“ and after some emails ...
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Hosting CiviCRM and Wordpress on WPengine

I'm just starting a new implementation project with a client who uses WordPress and hosts currently with A quick search threw up some interesting comments here from @andrew-hunt that don'...
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2 answers

What is required to run CiviCRM on DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean provides one-click installation of WP, Drupal and CiviCRM. I hope this question can collect experiences with it to help others. What additional considerations are there for hosting ...
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What is required to run CiviCRM on is a managed hosting service & devops infrastructure with support for Drupal and Symfony (and apparently any arbitrary php application). What additional considerations are there for ...
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What is required to run CiviCRM on Pantheon? is a managed hosting service & devops infrastructure with support for Drupal and WordPress. What additional considerations are there for hosting CiviCRM on Pantheon? Are there any ...
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