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Questions specifically on internationalization : installation or configuration of CiviCRM in several languages. For question about translation of CiviCRM in one language, please use *localisation* tag

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Installing civicrm-4.7.19-l10n suggestions

Installation instructions for civicrm-4.7.19-l10n.tar should be included as a step in Upgrading CiviCRM for WordPress/Joomla/Drupal. The Internationalisation (i18n) section accessible from Upgrade ... ...
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Best practices for bilingual CiviEvents pages with price sets?

still on Drupal and Civi 5.x. What is the best practice for offering a Civi Event in English and Spanish? We would want the price set to be translated, the event description, the email, confirmation ...
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how to troubleshoot template/ajax/caching/otherweirdness issue re: multilingual upgrade

Thanks for the help in solving the problem! Nice to have all the ajax working properly again. Regarding the title of the question.... It seems like there's a (large?) gap between the errors I ...
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CiviMail UI is in a different language

We have localization set up to use English (default) and Spanish. We have been having an issue where CiviMail is being partially translated to Spanish. The rest of Civi remains in English and the ...
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Event dates are not translating when PayPal is added as a payment method

We are running Civi 5.41.2 and have recently added PayPal - Website Payments Standard to use for event registration. This has been running fine until we tried viewing a registration form in another ...
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