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What Bulk / Transactional Email Delivery Service do you use with CiviCRM? What is your experience like?

I know this isn't a typical stackexchange question - but where else would we have a discussion like this? Our journey with email delivery via CiviCRM has been interesting. First we were sending email ...
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Using Civi to Store historical mailing data, and auto updating

I was asked to implement a system within civi where we can upload historical record of email messages. I then found out these are supposed to be auto updated with new messages every time a certain ...
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Microsoft 365 depreciation of legacy authentication, emails not now coming through

Our processing inbound emails is failing as Microsoft have stopped using IMAP due to authentication security issues, (I don't understand the technicalities just that it isn't working), has anyone ...
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can users confirm their mailing list subscription by replying to the confirmation email?

Sorry in advance if this is an obvious question, but I'm not finding it in the documentation. I've been testing the mailing list subscription function, and see that the default confirmation says "...
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Rules/guidelines for email to activity processing?

CiviCRM 5.45.6, Drupal 7. Client is using email to activity processing but is having intermittent failures with it. I've reviewed the Civi docs and while they explain how to set up the functionality,...
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Fetch Bounces and Process Inbound Emails actions fail

Both my Fetch Bounces and Process Inbound Emails actions have recently started failing - but only when called as scheduled jobs. When I run them manually, by clicking on 'Execute Now' they appear to ...
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'Assigned to' option in Inbound e-mails

We're trying the inbound e-mail to activity functionality and it works fine. The only limitation until now is that the 'source' and 'assigned to' contact seems to be the same. We need to have a ...
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CiviCRM not recognizing bounces

I tried sending emails using mass email which included wrong address. So CiviCRM was supposed to put those bad emails on bounces but it wasn't working. I have already added an mail account for bounce ...
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How can I set up an incoming email (or bounce) account on GMail with OAuth?

Google has announced that traditional username/password logins to G Suite mail accounts will be disabled and logins will require OAuth authentication in the future. The CiviCRM OAuth documentation ...
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