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"Update indices" fails because of `foreign key constraint`

A site that was running fine on 5.60.0 for a week or so with no notices. I see today that there is a notice about missing indices: Ok. I can follow instructions. However on pressing the "Update ...
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Update Indices fails on 4.7.29

With successful update from 4.7.25 to 4.7.29 there is a Performance warning: Missing Indices in CiviCRM System Status. When I click the Update Indices button, the error appears Operation failed: ...
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CiviCRM 4.7.29 Update Indices fails

I've messed around unsuccessfully to update indices by following various posts in StackExchange for similar errors. I have the impression that the Update Indices button simply does not work correctly. ...
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CiviCRM Update 4.7.27 Operation failed: Update Indices Errno: 150 [duplicate]

I updated my CiviCRM version to 4.7.27 yesterday and got a Performance warning on my system status page that there are some Missing indices. Clicking the 'Update Indices' button doesn't fix the ...
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Update Indices fails with errno 150 on DROP INDEX UI_case_contact_id after upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7.27

Upgraded from 4.6.19 to 4.7.27 (on wordpress 4.8.3) and attempted to update indices. The table that fails is civicrm_case_contact, with the old index UI_case_contact_id. The error is identical to ...
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What to do about "Operation failed: Update Indices DB Error: unknown error Debug" after upgrading to 4.7.25

This is related to a question I posted yesterday (How does one delete "key indices"?), which was considered a duplicate of another question (Performance Warning: Missing Indices. Mismatched ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Performance Warning: Missing Indices. Mismatched Index Key

Just upgraded to 4.7.23 and am receiving a Performance Warning: Missing Indices. The warning states: The following tables have an index key with a mismatch in value. Please delete the key ...
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2 answers

Missing indices status after upgrading to CiviCRM 4.7.21 on WordPress 4.8

I successfully upgraded to CiviCRM 4.7.21 (from 4.7.17), and everything seems to be working properly. However, I got a critical status error, "Performance warning: Missing indices". After reading How ...
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