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Upgrade the translations

Since Drupal 10 the documentation on updating the translations have changed: What exactly do I have to do to deploy a language other than ...
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Easy way of one word translation?

There is a code added somewhere amongst Wordpress theme php files: function functionFunction() { var ts = CRM.ts(); theButton = "<a id=thebutton href=/civicrm/contribute/transact/?reset=...
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CiviCRM 5.31.0 Wordpress unable to change default language

I currently have CiviCRM 5.31.0 for Wordpress installed. I want to change the default language from EN_US to Dutch (NL). After a quick google i found a tutorial and did the following steps: ...
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How can I best represent French addresses?

I have a list of postal addresses to import, many of which are French. In the "State" column, I have the region - but the list of state/provinces for France in CiviCRM is departments, not ...
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Best practices for bilingual CiviEvents pages with price sets?

still on Drupal and Civi 5.x. What is the best practice for offering a Civi Event in English and Spanish? We would want the price set to be translated, the event description, the email, confirmation ...
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Why settings.default.json file is neglected during install?

Since CiviCRM 5.23, one can set a custom L10n/I18n resource directory. Using this feature with Aegir and Drupal 7 profiles, this setting almost works: CiviCRM sites install with selected language, ...
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