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no thankyou screen after payment for event

When I register for one of the events on my site, no thank you screen is displayed. Instead I get an all white blank screen. The page source is empty, so not even a html tag. The URL of that screen is ...
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returning from mollie payment

my organisation has a site on which payed events are offered. Visitors can pay via an IDEAL mollie payment with use of a custom build module. We want to replace that module by making use of the ...
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Fatal Error with Omnipay + Mollie

I'm trying to integrate payments via using the extension "Omnipay multiprocessor support" (version 1.9). I created a contribution page to test it, and I am using a test API key from Mollie....
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Exception: Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed in serialize() using CiviCRM with Omnipay & Mollie

I run into an error I cannot explain (I lack the skils) where I can use the help of the community. I;m trying to get the Mollie payment provider working with Omnipay Multiprocessor extension. When I ...
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