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Drop down custom field values do not work in multi-valued custom groups in profiles

We have a profile which exposes a custom group that allows multiple records. One of the fields is a drop-down list. In the profile, after clicking on Edit, you cannot see the drop-down list on the ...
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importing multi select options into Activity custom fields

I'm trying to import a set of Multi Select Options on a Custom Field that's attached to Activities, but I can't find a way to do it. I've tried replacing the csv field with the label strings, the ...
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Rename multiple choice option sets

I'm fairly new to using Civi (building with it on a WordPress site) I'm creating a load of custom fields for several new activities that we need to replicate forms we use. I've created a multiple ...
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Why can't I edit view or edit custom data fields that include multiple choice options?

I'm having problems editing custom fields with multiple choice options. I have created custom fields which display in preview mode. But the custom fields don't appear when I try to Edit Multiple ...
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Delete multiple contacts from a list input

Civi is a great platform and I started to use with the first action to organize some old contacts. I could import them fine and I see them in the system. The problem is that we are doing some cross-...
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Drupal View query for select fields produces different results that CiviCRM

I have a civicrm custom field for languages spoken like English French German ... You can have multiple selections. SO a contact might select English French from the listing. If I do a search for &...
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Why are custom field's multiple choice options all unchecked on contribution page?

Today I installed 5.25.0 (running with Drupal 7.69). I have a profile that includes a couple of custom fields that are multiple-choice (e.g. professional interests - check all the apply). The choices ...
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