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One to N relationships to custom data

Is it currently possible to allow users to submit custom data multiple times and store each submission separately? I've tried a few things with no success. Searching suggests this has come up before ...
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Editable "Maximum number of multiple records" Custom Field Set option?

It turns out one can only edit the "Maximum number of multiple records" at a Custom Field Set creation time. After that it is only possible via database value update in the ...
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Batch erasure of records in a multivalue custom field

i have a multivalue custom field that keeps track of the Year and Class of students. This is a multivalue field as we use it to track the student's class every year. I realise that there are ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Deleting more than 50 contacts fails

System Configuration: Civi - 5.52.3 (8-30-22) Drupal - 7.94 PHP - 7.4.33 From advanced contact search, deleting contacts in small groups works okay, but if we try to select and then delete 50 or more, ...
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Creating a profile for updating multiple membership records

I have read how to do a batch update of multiple membership records. This involves having already created a profile. I have tried creating a membership profile but when i try to do the update multiple ...
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Editing custom field creates multiple entries in reports and exports with same contact ID

Civi 5.51.0 wordpress 6.01 Best explained with an image I reckon. Each time I edited this contacts country of birth another entry appears in reports (same with exports from search - multiple rows ...
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Can you see and bulk modify tags or update the tags of multiple different contacts on one screen?

Just as I am able to modify update multiple contacts using profiles for other attributes, I want to also do that for tags but I can't seem to get the tags to expose themselves when I have a profile ...
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Empty entries- Custom Field Set w/ multiple records

I have a custom field set ("visits") that allows multiple records. For some contacts there are multiple empty "visit" records. The number isn't consistent, so I'm wondering if ...
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