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Issues with CiviCRM Tables During MySQL 8.0 Upgrade

During the upgrade to MySQL 8.0, I encountered three different warnings related to CiviCRM tables and I want to take the correct steps in this regard. These warnings are listed below: Usage of db ...
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MySQL ERROR 3161 at Change Log on Contact pages after db migration

After db migration, Change Log tab on Contact pages doesn't load due to error about creating temporary tables using memory engine. I could recreate the error with the following query: mysql> CREATE ...
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Issue moving site from mysql 5.7 to mysql 8

I was just trying to move three old CiviCRM drupal 7 sites from Ubuntu 16, PHP7.2 and mysql 5.7 Ubnuntu 22.04 lts, php 7.4 and mysql 8 and have run into some issues. two of the three sites work but ...
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CiviCRM Smart Group Cache SQL Collation Error

Running CiviCRM 5.32.2 on Drupal 7, PHP 7.3, MySQL 8, Apache2, Ubuntu Server 20.04. This instance of CiviCRM has just been migrated from another server and the migration has largely gone well. However,...
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Ajax error with Manage Groups after upgrading to PHP 7.3, MySQL 8.0 and 5.22.0

I may have done too many upgrades at once but I was really eager to upgrade my environment following the release of Civi 5.22.0. I started out with upgrading my Civi Wordpress environment from 5.21.0 ...
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ETA on Support for MySQL 8?

I'm running CiviCRM 5.10.3 on the Bitnami WordPress stack (WP has been upgraded to 5.1), and the version of the Bitnami stakc I'm currently on uses PHP 7.0.30, so I'm getting warnings that as of the ...
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MySQL v8.0 released. Will CiviCRM work with it?

MySQL 8.0 has been released. Will CiviCRM work with it? I tried migrating a test database to it, and CiviCRM under Joomla failed. Oct 31 12:36:35 [info] $Fatal Error Details = Array ( [...
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