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Send email through Google Workspace with Oauth

Summary Is Oauth authentication method supported to use Google as smtp server for outbound Civimail ? With recent Google announcement, I fear our Civimail setup will be broken in September 2024 ...
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CiviCRM WordPress OAuth2 Google Workspace Labeling

CiviCRM v5.62.0 WordPress v6.2.2 OAuth2 working properly. My problem is that it labels ALL of my email either label:inbox-civimail-ignored (none yet) or label:inbox-civimail-processed (all thus far). ...
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No menu item "OAuth", can't paste provider values into client

Following the steps in After the installation of the OAuth2 extension, I don't get an "OAuth" item in the menu "Administer => ...
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Is there a clear step by step guide to setting up oAuth for Gmail?

I'm looking for a step by step guide on how to set up oAuth for Gmail for bounce processing. I have the oAuth extension installed, and I have a project set up in Google Cloud, but I'm at a loss what ...
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LOGIN error: HTTP 401 Cannot login. Session already active. [WORDPRESS Version 6.0.2] [CiviCRM 5.53.0]

is there a way from ADMIN panel to destroy or remove ACTIVE sessions? So the user can easily retry a correct LOGIN. Can I force as ADMIN the user logout? Thanks Roberto T.
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How to implement authentication from a mobile app to CiviCRM?

Goal is to enable constituents to login and check their status in CiviCRM from a mobile app. Question is how to best implement the authentication from the mobile app? One options seems to be using ...
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Problem setting up OAuth for Google

I am getting an error while trying to set up OAuth. when I click on Add (Auth Code) button on CiviCRM >> Admin >> OAuth2 Client Administration I get the following error from Google: Error ...
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Oauth Microsoft Exchange authentication

Has anyone set up CiviMail to use Oauth to connect to Microsoft Exchange? The CiviCRM documentation deviates from that provided by Microsoft. Also, you can't add the account are trying to set up, as ...
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Failed to Connect: Unknown Protocol After Adding Mail Account

Civicrm 5.44.0, Wordpress 5.8.2, Google's Gmail APIs Steps: Administer > CiviMail > Mail Accounts Add Google Mail I am encountering the following error when clicking Save & Test: It said ...
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Can't add Gmail account with OAuth

I'm trying to set up a mail account using OAuth following the instructions here and here. I've set up OAuth in Administer > System Settings > OAuth: But when I go to Administer > CiviMail &...
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Bounce processing using oath-client with GSuite: Required parameter not passed: "refresh_token"

Using CiviCRM 5.37.2. I'm trying to use the oath-client extension to do OAuth authentication of a Google Workspace (GSuite) account for bounce processing. The credentials are created on the Google ...
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How can I set up an incoming email (or bounce) account on GMail with OAuth?

Google has announced that traditional username/password logins to G Suite mail accounts will be disabled and logins will require OAuth authentication in the future. The CiviCRM OAuth documentation ...
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