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1 answer

What values are required in order to send outbound mail via SMTP?

I'm trying to get outbound mail set up. With CiviCRM 5.70.1 on PHP8.1, if I configure it to send via mail() then the test message works successfully, but I can see that my transactional emails, a ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Civimail: from address is wrong

I need help solving a problem regarding the "from" field when sending mailings via Civimail. I have the correct person chosen in the "From" field on the compose screen. I also ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Outbound email IS working but warning Outbound Email Disabled is still shown

I have a civiCRM install (v. 5.67.3) working fine with backdrop (v. 1.26.2), emails are being sent, also the test mail on the SMTP config screen, but there is still a warning message, on civiCRM ...
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2 answers

SMTP with Gmail and App Password: Civi says success, but it's not sent

This works: I have Civi set up to send email through my personal Google account (using an App Password because I use 2FA). This works, but the emails have my address as sender, of course, which we ...
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