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Images Do Not Work After Transfer

I recently migrated a CiviCRM install from WordPress to Drupal. I am having two problems with images that I am hoping someone can help me with. First, since migrating over nom images display. This ...
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Wrong path for "Custom Template Directory"?

I use CiviCRM with WordPress. I previously migrated my site from Drupal. I noticed today that my "Custom Template Directory", shown in Admin->Settings->Directories, is set to [cms....
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CIVICRM release path process

I am currently on CIVICRM 5.463 under Joomla 3.10.11. As I am relatively knew to the CIVICRM world, is there a specific release upgrade process (other than taking backups) that I should be aware of? ...
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sudden unknown path problem - site was fine 2 days ago

Please help without suggesting I install latest version (just cant be done right now) So Drupal 7.56 civi 4.7.24 This site was working perfectly well 2 days ago... Today - first clue . couldn't select ...
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Drush cannot locate CRM/Core/ClassLoader.php

I'm trying to configure Drush on my shared host and any time I try to do anything it fails as follows: bash-3.2$ drush cache-clear all require_once(CRM/Core/ClassLoader.php): failed to open stream: No ...
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System paths for HTML vs CLI/Cron

A client has had a site on Siteground for 3 years. It worked fine until they moved to a new server architecture and their own suite of management tools (swapping out CPanel for SiteTools). The site ...
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1 answer

Adding URL path to webform stops contact prefill - why?

I added a URL path to a working Drupal webform, and emailed users were given this link to the webform (which went through Civimail) :{contact....
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Path problem for webhooks and other internal resources

I suddenly have a path problem on one of the sites I look after. I just updated to Civi 5.28.3 and wordpress was already at 5.5. I can't swear that the problem occurred because of the upgrade though. ...
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Civi Navigation Menu disappeared on upgrade form 5.20 to 5.24.2

Upgrade of this drupal site appeared to go smoothly, but the navigation menu was missing. I reset menus & backend, cleared caches etc, switched asset caching off. Civi log showed nothing, nor did ...
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