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Discount Code Applies to ALL lines, vs. the specified line in the Price Set Field

I have set up a discount to apply 100% of the price to specific Price Fields from my Price Set, however, the discount is applied to all lines. We have tried editing the Discount to a specific amount ...
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Reusing Price Sets and changing their values

We have events running regularly. Each year the prices change but often the price set structure is the same. If I change the amount of a price field - e.g. Member ticket £10 last year and go to the ...
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Percentage price set field error

We recently installed the Percentage Price Field extension and are using it for an event. It's working fine, but at the bottom of the Event Info page, under the fee section, this error is showing: ...
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Why can't I see different financial types in contribution reports

With our contributions, one payment may contain 3 financial types ... e.g. an event fee, membership fee and donation. I have created "Price Sets" (of one Financial Type), which then contain 3 ...
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Percentage Price Field extension not working for Additional Participants?

It seems like the Percentage Price Field extension mentioned in post Adding a dynamic “cover processing fees” checkbox to CiviCRM contribution form is ideal for my needs, except for one problem: ...
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