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Performance Warning: Missing Indices. Mismatched Index Key

Just upgraded to 4.7.23 and am receiving a Performance Warning: Missing Indices. The warning states: The following tables have an index key with a mismatch in value. Please delete the key ...
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Is 1Gb memory enough for small server?

We have AmazonAWS t2.micro server (free tier). T2. micro has 1 Gb of ram and 1 vCPU. Only CiviCRM (4.7.14) is hosted there along with its Drupal. Currently the database is very small (less than 5000 ...
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Poorly performing unindexed query on log tables

While investigating a CiviCRM performance issue, I came across this query: SELECT * FROM `civicrm`.`log_civicrm_activity_contact` WHERE log_conn_id = ? AND id = ? ORDER BY log_date DESC limit ...