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Performance Warning: Missing Indices. Mismatched Index Key

Just upgraded to 4.7.23 and am receiving a Performance Warning: Missing Indices. The warning states: The following tables have an index key with a mismatch in value. Please delete the key ...
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1 answer

Tweaking my.cnf for performance

Over the last year, with the help of mysqltuner, I've adjusted my.cnf to improve the performance of the 7 CiviCRM installations on my VPS. But in the last few days, as I upgraded my sites to 4.7.10, ...
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Is 1Gb memory enough for small server?

We have AmazonAWS t2.micro server (free tier). T2. micro has 1 Gb of ram and 1 vCPU. Only CiviCRM (4.7.14) is hosted there along with its Drupal. Currently the database is very small (less than 5000 ...
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Activity Tab takes much time to load on civi 4.7.29

The activity tab on the contact summary page takes much time to load and list the activities. Below is the time-consuming query which takes around 20-25 sec each for the contacts having ~50 activity ...
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1 answer

Error: more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

Several times a day on our Civi site (CiviCRM 5.11.0 with Drupal 7.64) we are experiencing the following error: PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1203] User xxx already has more than '...
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Change Log Tab Excrutiatingly Slow - Poorly Performing Query and Fix (from 8 minutes down to 4 seconds)

The page takes about 8 minutes to return which is absurdly slow for anything expected to be remotely interactive. It is so slow that my client is referring to it as the "Triangle of Doom". I ...
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Poorly performing unindexed query on log tables

While investigating a CiviCRM performance issue, I came across this query: SELECT * FROM `civicrm`.`log_civicrm_activity_contact` WHERE log_conn_id = ? AND id = ? ORDER BY log_date DESC limit ...
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2 answers

Upgrade to 4.6.6 : how to configure mysql server?

I upgraded Civicrm to 4.6.6 (next 4.6.7) and had a lot of problems since then. My sql server has started consuming much more memory while everything was allright before the upgrade with 512M of RAM. ...
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