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2 answers

Choosing a VPS solution for CiviCRM

I'm consistently maxing out my "MySQL Time" on my shared hosting provider (rhymes with MiviMosting), causing both my host and users to get upset. I'm pretty much tripling what I'm allowed to have on ...
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Number of contacts vs. hosting space required

Apologies if these questions seem pretty elementary, but I am having a hard time finding definitive answers anywhere else on the web: 1) Is there a maximum number of contacts one can include in a ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to reduce database bloat for faster upgrading?

In order to speed up slow upgrades, experienced folk (1 2) recommend reducing the size of the database to facilitate testing. What is the best way to declutter the database?
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3 answers

Is CiviCRM resource intensive?

I need to plan requirements for multiple instances of CiviCRM as a Drupal module. My goal is to "more or less" know how many sites would I be able to put in a single application server (with ...
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How can I speed up a slow upgrade to 4.7?

Upgrades to 4.7 for big CiviCRM databases can take many many hours. What is the best way to speed them up?
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6 answers

How can I improve the performance of the change log table?

Retrieving the change log for a contact takes ages for my client - maybe a response of 10 minutes to get just 79 records for one contact. The contact database has about 39K rows, but with about 950k ...
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3 answers

Performance Warning: Missing Indices. Mismatched Index Key

Just upgraded to 4.7.23 and am receiving a Performance Warning: Missing Indices. The warning states: The following tables have an index key with a mismatch in value. Please delete the key ...
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3 answers

Is 1Gb memory enough for small server?

We have AmazonAWS t2.micro server (free tier). T2. micro has 1 Gb of ram and 1 vCPU. Only CiviCRM (4.7.14) is hosted there along with its Drupal. Currently the database is very small (less than 5000 ...
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2 answers

Full minute timeouts on first page load

I'm finding that when I first go to a CiviCRM page in the morning there's a loading time of just over 1 minute(!) There are no errors (on screen, nor in apache error log, nor in Drupal's watchdog) ...
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Capacity Planning

We would like to propose the utilization of CiviCRM in a big organization. They have 140.000 contacts, that manage more then 1.000.000 activities each year (including mails, contributions, etc), and ...
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3 answers

Using civi for big data sets (1 million plus)

I love civi! But mainly i use it for small datasets of sub 10,000 I have the opportunity to suggest its use in an organisation with a voter pool of 1 million+ I know this is an open ended question ...
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1 vote
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Poorly performing unindexed query on log tables

While investigating a CiviCRM performance issue, I came across this query: SELECT * FROM `civicrm`.`log_civicrm_activity_contact` WHERE log_conn_id = ? AND id = ? ORDER BY log_date DESC limit ...
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