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Activity Tab takes much time to load on civi 4.7.29

The activity tab on the contact summary page takes much time to load and list the activities. Below is the time-consuming query which takes around 20-25 sec each for the contacts having ~50 activity ...
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Poorly performing unindexed query on log tables

While investigating a CiviCRM performance issue, I came across this query: SELECT * FROM `civicrm`.`log_civicrm_activity_contact` WHERE log_conn_id = ? AND id = ? ORDER BY log_date DESC limit ...
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What are your typical mail size batches and delviery times?

What are your typical mail sizes and time to complete mail job? Looking for comparisons... We are having lots of mail delivery problems on a new highly customised install of Civi v5.27.1 (MariaDB v10....
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How do I manage a database with millions of mail recipient records when searching on opens or click throughs?

We are working with a group that sends tens of thousands of mailings on a weekly basis so the civicrm_mailing_recipient (and related tables) have millions of records. They also want to track opens and ...
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4 minutes to access admin page

I have a similar issue of the 2017 post first CiviCRM request of each session takes 4 minutes, afterwards works fine I have a fresh virtual server in a university saas, with wordpress 5.9.2, php 7.4, ...
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CiviCRM in wordpress dashboard loading too slow

When access to the CiviCRM admin on WordPress the page loading too slow from 30 to 50 seconds. I turn on the query monitor and saw that there are many PHP errors are showing on the web. Is there any ...
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performance of business functions

We have been using civi live for a few months in a hosted environment. In response to concerns from the admin team I took some timings for common tasks and agree with them that performance is very ...