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Is it possible to calculate tax deductible amounts for contributions with premiums?

I did some research on the US Tax law. It seems that if you make a $10 donation and get a T-shirt (which has a market value of $8), then you can deduct $2 of that donation from your taxes. The Summary ...
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How can we offer (and track) multiple premiums for a single contribution?

We are a small museum that is converting an existing membership program to CiviCRM. Our current membership program offers, say, 10 free admissions/year with the purchase of a Gold Membership and 5 ...
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Issue creating Premium - requiring subscription

When trying to add a new Premium (first one), I get the error "Please enter a Period Type" - even though the premium is a regular "product" and not a subscription. Civi 5.31 / ...
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Can I set a premium for a $20 minimum on a recurring contribution, but $80 for a one-time contribution?

It seems like premiums only work on the minimum amount, without regard for other settings. Is there a way to get around this? I see the EFF has this option, but their contribution page seems not to ...
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Including Premiums section breaks Contribution Page when using Stripe

The "Make Contribution" button fails to load confirmation page. We had recently added a captcha and a premium section to the page, so tried disabling them. We found that the premium section was the ...
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Using "Premium (Thank-you gifts)" to enroll in membership

Is it possible to set up a "Premium (Thank-you gift)" option to sign a donor up for a specific membership level? I can build a membership sign-up page, and I can put "premiums" on it. The ...
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How can you add a gift premium to pledge

I may not be understanding CiviCRM's donation model. There seem to be three separate ways to make monetary donations. Contributions, Pledges and Memberships. Our current fundraisers have a large ...
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Entering fulfilled Premiums manually

Is there a way to manually record fulfilled premiums for a contact? We are giving out t-shirts to our donors a bit flexibly - when they have donated a particular sum to the cause or when they have ...
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No Gift Option "Pre selected" Need to fix this please

Hi so i have a premium contribution page set up and i noticed the "no gift" option is pre selected and grayed out so i cant change it. I need this option to be deselected until the user chooses it. ...
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How can I record multiple premiums for a contribution?

We offer multiple options like stickers and shirts. If someone donates at the shirt level, they can choose to also get a sticker. We don't require them to choose a sticker, but it's an option. It ...
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Reporting on Premium Fulfillment

Membership in our organization currently includes a T-Shirt which is implemented as a "Premium" on the contribution page. Members must pick up their T-Shirt in person, so I'm looking for a way to ...
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CiviMember - Adding a premium when recording a membership payment

Our organization wants to be able provide gifts to members who sign up for a magazine subscription. We are using CiviMember to record those contacts who sign up for such a subscription. When we click ...
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