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Stopping robot registrations

Some months ago we started getting a bunch of robot spam users registering on the website. Both a CMS (Joomla 3.9.24) and Civi (5.33.2) user/contact are created with only firstname, lastname, and ...
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Any Way to Use reCAPTCHA v3 instead of v2?

As title says, is there any way to use v3 instead of v2 for reCAPTCHA?
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Recaptcha not displayed on contribution page when using WP shortcode

I'm running CiviCRM 5.53 on a Wordpress 6 site. I have a Civi contribution page set up to be a membership form. The profile used on the form is configured to use reCaptcha, and the reCaptcha is ...
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Can Recaptcha be used in a profile HTML form snippet on a non-Civi web page?

When setting up a profile for people to subscribe to a newsletter, in the 'Settings' area next to the Recaptcha box there's a blue help bubble which says 'Do not enable this feature if you are using ...
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Error when submitting Membership renewal

I have it turned on to have recaptcha on the anonymous registration pages, and it doesn't show on the renewal page once logged in, like it is supposed to. When I actually try to submit a renewal, it ...
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