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Clean URLs are a little bit too clean

Drupal 7.9, CiviCRM 5.51 ( recently partially updated from v.4.7 ). Something overrides CiviCRM URLs in the menu: instead of &contribute?reset=1 it comes as contribute_reset_1 Drupal .htaccess ...
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Do Events support profile "Redirect URL"?

I set up a test event with a profile that had it's Redirect URL set. Upon registration, I was forwarded to the event confirmation screen instead of the profile's redirect URL. Do redirect URL's not ...
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Redirect emails from one user to another

Our civicrm adminstrator is suddenly out of action - I need to urgently redirect messages to a new email. I have no idea how to do this, can anyone help i don't understand computer talk! Thanks Ellen
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Write a file, after them redirect

Sorry for the newbie question... I modified CRM_Contact_Form_Task_Label class, to create my own Task. It creates necessary data for printing membership cards. If a contact has all necessary data, then ...
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My URLs for contribute & member forms all automatically redirect the user to homepage, any help please?

There's not an obvious reason why this has begun happening as I carried out no changes to CiviCRM at all in the time between the last successful transaction (5 December) and the day I was alerted to ...
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CiviCRM is defaulting to uppercase path

Somehow CiviCRM is wanting to use the path /CiviCRM (notice the case) instead of all lowercase civicrm. This has been fine until I upgraded to Civi 5.27 and now the civicrm?civiwp implementation ...
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Saving a Civi Report- too many redirects error

I'm trying to save a contact summary report after amending filters. After each attempt to save I get a too many redirects error. I can see the new instances in the civicrm_report_instances table, ...
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Edit Links in public directory

I have a profile setup as a directory in WordPress (5.1.1 w/CiviCRM 5.11.0). I set the profile to show the edit link to those who have permission to edit. I have an ACL setup for editors to edit ...
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Easiest way to redirect an event registration confirmation to another page

After event registration, on the confirmation page, we simply want a new window to open or for the page itself to redirect after 5 seconds to another page. What is the best way to do it?
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Creating thank you letters redirects to a contribution page

I just had a report of someone who was trying to generate PDF thank you letters for recent contributions, and when they click "Make Thank-you Letters", instead of downloading a PDF they were ...
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Redirect Loop with CiviContribute

I have a similar problem to this and this issues, a redirect loop occurs on coming back from the payment system after making a contribution. The difference with the 2 previous links is that the ...
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Recommended way to deal with delete action in a page?

When developing extensions I have always followed this path when I had a page listing stuff (for example books) and an action link to delete the book: Create the page and add a link to the form ...
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2 answers

Redirect URL after contribution

Profiles let you direct to some odd page after submission - why do contribution pages go nowhere (or maybe they do?)? Cheers
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Can't use button without forcing client to log back in and never redirects back to where it should

CentOS release 6.8 cPanel 56.0 (build 25) Apache (v. 2.4.18) PHP (v. 5.6.22) MySQL (v. 5.6.30) WordPress (v. 4.5.3) CiviCRM (v. 4.6.19) When clicking a button the client is forced to log back in ...
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How to set all donation to redirect users to another page if successful payment is made

I want to set all civicrm Thankyou page to redirect to another page in Drupal 7.50 site. CiviCRM version is 4.6.8 Can I add a URL direct(In drupal) for the Thankyou page which has a dynamic URL. ...
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Social sharing issues: OG and title metas - WP

I work with an organization that recently implemented CiviCRM on its WP site. Since then, social share information/open graph tags on certain pages are scraped from here:
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PROBLEM>> The Profile Redirect URL is Limited to One Setting for Multilingual Site

I have not found a solution to this as of yet and I scoured through here first with no answers. Anyways, I have a multilingual Wordpress website ( using the WPML plugin to manage between ...
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How can I redirect users to the contact dashboard after login?

We're on civicrm 4.5.8 and drupal 7. I'm testing accepting donations including recurring, which means the contacts will need logins. When they login I think I'd like the landing place to be their ...
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How to redirect after successful newsletter subscription

After a user signs up to receive newsletters (using the profile coming from CiviCRM/CiviMail), they receive a confirmation email. Upon clicking on the confirmation link in that email, they are taken ...
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Is Civi supposed to redirect after a contribution form submission?

When submitting a contribution form, I first get taken to what seems like a truncated URL: The HTTP response code is ...
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Can I use tokens in Civi profile Cancel Redirect URL?

Custom profile to edit a contact's activity. Redirect URL is formed:{} and works correctly. I'd like to use the same redirect for Cancel Redirect URL. Is it ...
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Is this a bug, or a feature? Redirect on contribution landing page triggering while editing

My organization uses a redirect on the landing page after someone makes a contribution so they can fill our a survey for us. This redirect is triggering when we are trying to edit the "Thank you and ...
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Hook to change the Success message after CiviCRM submits a form?

I'm writing an extension implementing hook_civicrm_post to move contributions from individual to household if the individual is part of a household. However, I'd like the form to either redirect to ...
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Can a profile submission redirect to a PDF?

On CiviCRM 4.5/Wordpress 4.1, I'd like to create a profile that, when filled out, automatically downloads a PDF. Is such a thing possible? It didn't work when I put a URL to the PDF in the "Redirect ...
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