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Need help installing CiviCRM on backdrop CMS

I'm starting a social work, family help and education center in Germany ( I would love to work with CiviCRM to document cases and spent time for me and my employees. I ...
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CVIVI CRM setup on Wordpress

Please can an expert assist me in setting up Civi CRM on wordpress. Cronjobs and mail I have done basic configurations, but not sure about cron jobs. Need also to add in new forms, and how to add them....
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2 answers

How to setup civicrm to handle bounces?

A general question. How do you make bounces to work with civicrm? Which extensions do you use, and by whom and how do you set up / handle the mail and also the bounces? Kind regards.
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Installer fails with Cannot execute CREATE TABLE civicrm_acl_cache

First, thanks to anyone who takes a look at an issue I can't get to the bottom of regarding a Civi 5.33.2 install. The issue: When running the installer I get the following error: Civi\Setup\...