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1 answer

Failed upgrade from 5.69.2 to 5.69.5

My System Status page says "The site is running 5.69.2" but the Civi footer on the same page and WP's plugins page say version 5.69.5 - clearly an upgrade has gone wrong! Now, several pages ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Cost for Setup and implementation

Hi can anyone give me a rough figure please? If I were to pay a developer to set up Civi CRM into Wordpress and just get it up and running, we host it ourselves and maintain it ourselves, but they do ...
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1 answer

Setup CiviCRM cron job for Bitnami NGINX Debian WordPress

Having problems deploying CiviCRM. Do not fully understand how to implement documentation. Having trouble understanding this guide Example of ...
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1 vote
0 answers

API 4 problem while running composer

everybody. Since the installation of CiviCRM I have problems in composer. Another installation, on the same VPS, is not causing any problems. The website is a Drupal based one (9.5.10) I started it ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Need help installing CiviCRM on backdrop CMS

I'm starting a social work, family help and education center in Germany ( I would love to work with CiviCRM to document cases and spent time for me and my employees. I ...
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CVIVI CRM setup on Wordpress

Please can an expert assist me in setting up Civi CRM on wordpress. Cronjobs and mail I have done basic configurations, but not sure about cron jobs. Need also to add in new forms, and how to add them....
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2 answers

How to setup civicrm to handle bounces?

A general question. How do you make bounces to work with civicrm? Which extensions do you use, and by whom and how do you set up / handle the mail and also the bounces? Kind regards.
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1 answer

Installer fails with Cannot execute CREATE TABLE civicrm_acl_cache

First, thanks to anyone who takes a look at an issue I can't get to the bottom of regarding a Civi 5.33.2 install. The issue: When running the installer I get the following error: Civi\Setup\...
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