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Mass SMS broken, single SMS kind of works

Ok so this is a strange one. SMS has been working for years on our site without issue however it isn't used very frequently so I'm not quite sure when it 'broke' Bit of background: Using 4.7.22 on ...
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Are source/target contacts on Inbound SMS the wrong way round?

In CRM_SMS_Provider::processInbound, there are the lines 'source_contact_id' => $toContactID, 'target_contact_id' => $fromContactID, which suggests that the source contact of the activity will ...
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SMS number validation

Are there common practices or extensions that could help with validating SMS phone numbers? Not their format, but to validate that the contact really owns that number. For example: as a user, I fill ...
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Is there a way to generate a click-through report from a Mass SMS?

Unlike How do I prevent CiviSMS from converting my URLs to longer clickthrough-aware URLs?, I'd like to take advantage of clickthrough tracking in mass SMS's. The links in the SMS message are replaced ...
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TWILIO CiviCRM SMS Conversations wordpress webhook

I am trying to get SMS Conversations to work using Twilio. I have the outbound SMS working but the responses are not processed (inbound SMS to Civi). The given URL for the Webhook does not work. Is ...
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Mass SMS issue, singular works

Using click a tell extension (4.1) with CiviCRM (5.8.2) When in a contact record can send a SMS with no problem- is delivered straight away. When using 'Mass SMS' and clicking 'Send immediately' it ...
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CiviSMS is not selecting the Primary mobile number

Using the Actions menu to send an outbound SMS. Where contacts have more than one valid mobile number, the activity is not loaded with the number that is set to Primary. It loads a number that is not ...
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Activity Tokens in SMS via Civi Rules

I'm trying to set up sms reminders for activities. And am trying to configure this with CiviRules. For example, a client has an initial assessment with our youth service. I want to send a reminder ...
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Problems with sending SMS message after upgrading to PHP 7.4

I have installed Civi 5.51.1 over PHP7.2 and the send SMS function worked fine as it has for the past few years. However, the system complained about PHP 7.2 and said I should upgrade to PHP7.4. After ...
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Set the length and/or format of the checksum

Many of our constituents' online access is limited to a phone, and we get much better response to SMS text messages than to emails. For some contacts, however, clicking on the link in the text message ...
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Scheduled SMS Reminders aren't delivering

I've set up a Scheduled Reminder for an activity with the following parameters: Activity type= Custom Type Activity status= Scheduled When= 1 day before scheduled activity date and time Recipients= ...
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Send SMS shows wrong numbers

If an extended search result shows a group of people with different phone number types as primary in some cases contacts a shown with the phone number of other contacts. The pattern is as follows: ...
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