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How do we get names sorted according to localised setting?

We are using a localised installation (Swedish) but names, e.g. in searches, are not sorted according to the localized order. E.g In this example the names starting with 'Å' should be sorted at the ...
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Why is the Sorting tab missing from CiviReport?

What configuration is required in order to display the "Sorting" tab in CiviReports? Is there a plugin for a Wordpress-based install to allow for column-based sorting?
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Is it possible to sort by column email and then column postcode

I am runnign civicrm 5.36.1. When I search for a list of contacts I am taken to a page listing all the contacts and fields which reflect the search parameters. I can reorder the list by clicking a ...
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Change sorting by custom field public directory (Jomla)

I have a public directory profile listing members and custom fields. The default order in the public view is by the Contact Name. I would like to change the order to one of custom field "Start Date". ...
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sorting states in state/province dropdown

Civi 5.11, WordPress 5.1.1 I work with an organization whose Contacts (of all types) are limited to 4 states in the US. (Available States/Provinces in the localization settings includes only the US.) ...
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Changing sort of cases with recent activities on case dashboard?

Currently cases with recent activities are sorted oldest>newest - i'd like the newest to be at the top. I am guessing i could do it within Case/Page/DashboardSelector.tpl but i'm floundering from ...
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How to add a sorting column in Reports

I have a report that I would like sorted by County but that field doesn't appear as a sortable column, although it does appear on the report. This field is in fact 'State/Province' but is renamed via ...
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Filtering search results to see only the most recent contribution by each contact

How do I sort contributions in our database by the most recent contribution date? When I try to search this on the database, it brings up all contributions, not just the most recent and I want to ...
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How can I sort groups by the date the individual was added to the group?

How can I sort groups by the date the individual was added to the group? I can't figure out how to do it in either manage groups, search, or reports.
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Searching by case - would like to sort by subject - greyed out

When I search for Cases, the search results are sortable by clicking on any of the column headings except for Subject and Case Manager. I would like to order the results by Subject - either by ...
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Activities pane on Manage Case page

Does anyone know how to make the Case activities in the activities pane display in ascending order by default (earliest first)? At the moment, they appear in descending chronological order (latest ...
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Column sorting not working

I have civicrm 4.4.2. When I try to order any search result by other columns, I always get the same message: No matches found for: Contacts IN Administrators AND Group Status - "Added" ...
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Search result sort by Last Name

Which method really works if search results listing (doesn't matter, simple search or advanced one, both are the same) should be sorted by Last name, not by Contact ID? Things we've tried so far (none ...
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Is there a way automatically get sort name and greetings to be correct for households?

If you want have individuals and households to show up in alphabetical order by last name you need to enter the hh like Smith, Jane and Joe. Fine except now the greetings will be Dear Smith, Jane and ...
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