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CiviMail unique sender cause problems with spam filters

When I try to send a mailing, the spam filter detects new users (taken from the unique address) and prevents them from sending out. Is there a workaround for this?
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Is it possible to permanently block/blacklist a contact?

There's a spam account in my system that I need to delete and permanently prevent from accessing our server. I see CiviCRM has a concept of deleting a contact, but I don't see a way to "block&...
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CiviMail : SPF REcord/SPAM issue

I am trying to configure/use civimail. When I send an email from CivCRM, it goes directly to the spam foler of the recipent. Looking at the mail header, I see Received-SPF: Fail (protection.outlook....
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Horrible Open Rate on our First Civi bulk mail!

One of our lists is our most loyal followers. This list is composed of people who have not only opted to be on this list but who look forward to our alerts and have historically been very responsive ...
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Unsubscribe from mailing list - admin is able to added user after they unsubscribed - resulting in spam compliance issues

We received a letter stating that we are not complying with ACMA spam rules. After investigation I realised there's an issue with people unsubscribing from a group and then being added to the group ...
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Looking for a description to add honeypot fields to the "Contact Form"

We have unlike may others no spam problems with contributions, however the spam entry via the contact for got annoying. As well there is no problem with joomla-profile generation as this functionality ...
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Anonymours_User Creating Articles and Publishing Pages on Drupal 8

It seems like our site's security has been compromised. We have some annoymous_users creating pages and publishing articles. They are all showing as unpublished, but it seems like there's dozens of ...
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SpamAssassin marking mailings as compromised WordPress site

A few of my constituents have told me that my emails are going to their Spam folder in Gmail. I did some digging with and found that SpamAssassin is dinging my mailings -1.629 points ...
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Emails from CiviCRM completely rejected by GMX (Germany)

everyone, I have sent a newsletter to the admin team for testing purposes. All admins with GMX email accounts did not receive this email. The email was also not found in the spam folder or trash. ...
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comply with CAN-SPAM in workflow messages

I am using CiviCRM 5.18.4 with WordPress 5.3.2, and residing in the United States, where we are required by law to include certain info (our postal address and an opt-out link) in ALL our emails. I ...
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Amazon SES bounce messages don't seem to be properly categorized as Spam, Syntax, Invalid, etc

We have Amazon SES set up as a mailer, which works great and cuts our mailing costs to negligible levels. The only issue is that the bounce messages don't seem to be getting properly categorized by ...
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Dealing with CiviCRM contact records of Drupal blocked accounts

Is there a way to automate removing the contact records of Drupal accounts that are blocked such as because of spam? I am using the spambot module to block accounts and remove their spam. I fear that ...
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Drop in Newsletters Opens

Two weeks ago (11/30/17) our email opens dropped by about 40% according to civireports summary. We are an extremely small, niche, nonprofit religious site. Our newsletters titles have not changed and ...
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CiviCRM loads its own copy of jquery. This interferes with WP plugins

I am running Civi on WordPress. I was getting spam registrations. I installed WP-SpamShield which worked great until someone tried to register for an event. This fails saying that cookies and ...
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Find and remove contacts based on no activity, contributions, memberships and events

At some time our CiviCRM/Drupal installation has had lots of spam accounts created. As these are over a period of time I can't isolate by date. One tell-tail sign that the accounts are spam is their ...
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Search extension for first name = last name (to purge spam submissions)

Some years back there was a forum discussion about a custom search to find contacts where the first name was equal to the last name, which is (or was) common for spam submissions that ended up ...
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How can I prevent spam bots from making submissions to CiviCRM?

I ALREADY had reCaptcha enabled in Civi and on my Profile type, but it seems that spam bots were still making submissions to CiviCRM and creating contacts (and got assigned to a group). I only ...
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