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Paypal Standard Payments are being accepted but marked as incomplete transaction (pending) DashboardCiviCRM 5.#.# on Drupal 7

The contribution dashboard on CiviCRM 5.#.# on Drupal 7 is showing that PayPal standard payments are pending but the payment is going through. All PayPal payments are showing as pending including ...
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SSL-encypted Database connection for CiviCRM?

I am in the middle of deploying a CiviCRM instance and have decided for scalability and security reasons to separate my web server and database server. I have a set of self-signed certificates ...
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Contact URL image display in civiCRM 5.12.4

I'm using civicrm v5.12.4 a while back I made this post. - Upgrade from 5.10 to 5.12 contact images no longer appearing As I was having issues with contact images displaying. It seemed the issue I ...
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will ssl certificate on main domain work on subdomain

docs say that CiviCRM does not support shared SSL and "SSL must be installed on your domain not one at a higher level" What about subdomains? I have WP installed at and WP with CiviCRM ...
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Testing new site (not secure yet); using Search/Contact switches to secure url

Working on a new install (haven't installed CA certified SSL yet), I can browse to http://example...admin...event search ( search participants) or 'advanced search', or 'manage events', or seemingly ...
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How do you move SSL to non-SSL? [ Wordpress 4.6.1 + CiviCRM 4.7.14]

I responded to a question re: using Let's Encrypt SSL certs at this comment. I now need to go in the other direction because I made a mirror of our live site on my laptop in an xampp environment (win ...
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Site calling home to - why? is currently down (no big deal in itself) but it has highlighted the fact that my site is trying to contact it and timing out. This is causing a huge slowdown when logging in (and at ...
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Install on Wordpress ends in 404 via HTTPS

I have a testing site I wish to install civiCRM on. The server and software specs all match civiCRM's requirements as seen here. The pre-install check all seems to be okay with it's green text. After ...
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What do these iATS - SOAP errors mean?

We are a new iATS client and have hit a bit of a roadblock. I followed the iATS extension instructions here for setting up the payment processor. On my local dev environment, things went great and I ...
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Trouble connecting to SparkPost - Joomla 2.5.28 / Civicrm 4.6.14

I installed the SparkPost/CiviCRM extension and followed the README and all seems correct but I can not connect to SparkPost SMTP server. Is anyone else seeing a problem?
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Has Let's Encrypt been put into production with CiviCRM? is a new free, automated SSL certificate issuing service that simplifies SSL certificate issuance. Despite being a new CA (Certificate Authority), the certificates are ...
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Dashlets and SSL in multiple secure virtualhost environment

I've identified what may be bug or feature request, or at least a case of another item to add to the list of things which can make dashlets fail. I have an Apache 2.4 server which has multiple ...
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2 answers

Mixed content error on SSL site

I'm trying to sort out an AJAX bug (edits to contacts not being saved) and the console error says: Mixed Content: The page at '
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SSL introduces warnings related to contact image

I recently introduced SSL across my entire Drupal-Civicrm site. Now when I visit the contact summary page, I'm confronted with warning errors (below) that are clearly related to SSL interfering with ...
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