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CiviCRM WordPress doesn't work suddenly

Not sure where I went wrong. I recently installed the CiviCRM WordPress plugin. I also installed a number of other plugins, but one of them that was installed after Civi was an SSO one. I wouldn't ...
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2 answers

Guidance Request : SSO between CIviCRM & WordPress!

We've been using CiviCRM for a number of years and also running a blog on WordPress. I can't find much information on setting up SSO / OAUTH / SAML / or even just custom CiviCRM | WP API to handshake ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Mapping of CiviCRM's Contact card fields to Drupal user entity's

Essentially, we are having an integration problem where one component we are using is expecting to find or use default user entity fields, but these fields are not mapped into CiviCRM's user Contact ...
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Can Drupal send password reset tokens to non-default emails for accounts?

Can Drupal send password reset tokens to email addresses other than the Primary in the linked CiviCRM contact? If this question veers too far away from CiviCRM, I apologize. This ability might permit ...
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